Woodloch: A Green Resort in the Pocono Mountains





The breathtaking quality of our environment in the Pocono Mountains is the inspiration upon which Woodloch is built.  We understand, as a business with a large ecological footprint that it is our responsibility to do what we can to promote care for the environment through our example.

     We are exceptionally pleased to be a part of the Green Hotel Association and continue to work towards increasing our energy efficiency and reducing our waste production.  We are happy to be joining in partnership with our local businesses to care for our natural resources.

      We have been inspired by the strength and perseverance of many and have joined in humanitarian causes large and small, knowing that every little bit counts.

What are we doing to make a difference?

  • Participation in Delaware Highlands Conservancy Green Lodging Partnership, which works with land owners, local businesses and communities to protect the beautiful lands and pristine waters of the unique Upper Delaware River Region
  • Offering environmental programs for class trips, corporate groups & scouting programs.
  • Construction of Eagle Nesting Platform next to our Tea House Dock.
  • Extension of our nature trail to include more rugged terrain and to provide an area for snowshoeing in the winter.
  • Biodegradable disposable plates, flatware, cups and to-go containers.
  • Energy-Saver faucets and shower heads.  As well as faucets with infrared sensors to limit water waste.
  • Replacement of light bulbs with energy saving compact fluorescent lighting.
  • Self-imposed staff recycling program.
  • Self-imposed recycling/disposal program for printer cartridges, computers, electronics and batteries.
  • Conservation of water and detergent by suggesting the reuse of towels and linens.
  • Tree replacement program through our landscaping department.
  • Use of recycled paper whenever possible for promotional materials.
  • Recycling of economy sized cans and packaging in our kitchens.
  • Installation of energy management system, which through the use of infrared sensors controls the air conditioning/heating and lighting of public areas.
  • Co-mingled recycling bins throughout the grounds of the resort for guest and employee use.
  • Bat Boxes throughout the resort - a natural way to control insects

Our “Green Team” meets regularly to implement more eco-friendly solutions for our resort.  As we strive to build a better future, we welcome your support and honor your suggestions.

Woodloch Resort Receives 2009 BEST GREENS RESORT Award

Woodloch Pines Resort was honored by the Global Renewable Energy Expo Networking Summit

for demonstrating ingenuity, creativity and perseverance in the pursuit of pioneering green goals.