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aerial.jpgWoodloch is tucked into the rolling Pocono Mountains of Pike County, Pennsylvania. Pike County is a green resource in itself. Only one third of the county is available for real-estate. Due to marsh land and state game land most of it will stay green naturally. Pike County is spackled with the most southern of Glacial Lakes. The variety of old and young growth forest lends a dreamy quality to our green spaces, and provides the perfect habitat for a variety of wildlife. The Lackawaxen and Delaware Rivers cut through our area with majestic rapids and towering trees harboring nesting Bald Eagles. Visit the following sites for more info on our area, as well as general tips for going and staying green.



Visit the Green Hotels Association Site:


For information on the conservation efforts of Pike County the Pike County Conservation District:


For information on our local natural resources visit Pike County Chamber of Commerce:


For information on parks and natural areas visit the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources:


TreeHugger provides you with the information you need for a greener life:


Visit World Watch for some basic tips on how to go green:


See what our area is doing to promote habitat conservation and the protection of the Bald Eagle and other birds of prey, visit:


For information on our area’s Grey Towers, the location of the birth of the conservation movement, visit:


Visit the Pocono Environmental Education Center for information on environmental education programs:


View information on PPL hydro-electric project and environmental center on our area’s Lake Wallenpaupack: