Travel Games for All Ages!

Because you can only count so many blue cars... try some of these games specially crafted with Woodloch flair! 

  • Frantic Pics - are you up to the challenge? Here's a list of 10 photos that can be taken along your journey- complete the list, show us your pics and claim your prize upon arrival!
  • Hum That Tune - listen closely as your travel companions attempt to hum out the melodies of your favorite pop songs!  Guess correctly and the turn passes to you! 
  • Billboard Bingo - we're bombarded with advertisements along our route- why not make a game out of it? Download our special cards and keep your eyes peeled- sweeten the deal with prizes!
  • Gas Station Gourmet - is your stomach rumbling while you're still a good distance away from Woodloch? Find a rest station and throw down against other "chefs!" Armed only with a limited budget, do your best to concoct a tasty treat then see how it sizes up against your competition! 


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