Woodloch's Team Building Events
in the Beautiful Pocono Mountains

Learn Vision, Perseverance and Execution as a Team

Woodloch prides itself on its high standard of hospitality and its broad range of activities. We proudly offer these group events to assist in creating a cohesive bond between your groupbestofeastlogoSM.gif members or strengthening those existing bonds.

Some events find their emphasis in rigorous brainstorming and group presentations. Others are more physically strenuous and focus on group cooperation and time management skills, while others allow for individual creativity, the sharing of interests and the discovery of talents.

Please browse this list of corporate team building programs Woodloch offers:

Vision, Perseverance & Execution

These games focus on the teamwork, communication and problem solving skills that keep you competitive in today’s market. Each event takes up to two hours, are available all year round and are appropriate for groups of all sizes.

Boat Building… Land-lubbers beware!

What does it take to stay afloat? Your team has 45 minutes to put your materials and ideas together, design, build and sail your watercraft. The teams will be judged according to enthusiasm and creativity, in addition to the buoyancy and overall design of their boat. The competition will culminate by testing the speed and “seaworthiness” of the crafts in an actual race!

Beer Marketing Challenge… Quench your thirst for success!

(Soda Company or Flavored Water Company alternatives)

The CEO of your company has purchased a failing brewery. Your creative team has been chosen to come up with a new beer product that gets his failing company back in the game. Do a taste test, choose your product, name it and market it using a new commercial campaign, written and presented by your team.

The Fast and Furious Pit Stop Challenge… Who has the need for speed?

Race to the finish line in your very own Go-Cart! Your team races against the clock as you decide what parts are necessary to make your Go-Cart as safe and fast as possible. You must stay within budget, and the longer you wait to buy your parts the more expensive they become. Your creativity and spirit will be taken into account during our strict inspection. Finally, racecar fan, you’ll get to experience the thrill of the pursuit as you race your Go-Cart to the finish line.

Chef’s Point of View… Experience life in the “white hat”!

A last-minute cocktail party has been requested at the award-winning Woodloch Pines Resort, and your team of chefs is responsible for making it happen. Your challenge is to create an original, cost-effective and tasty cocktail party - all within a specific time frame and utilizing only the supplied ingredients. The perk to this game is- the party’s for you! Dig in and enjoy the finished goods! Add an open bar (additional fee applies) to complement this event.

Bridge Building… Build up and over your limitations!

Test your “engineering skills!” Can your team build a bridge strong enough to withstand heavy weights? Your team must design and build a bridge within a 50-minute window using supplies that are, well, a little out of the ordinary. Once the bridges are complete they will be put to the test. Will your bridge stay strong or fall to pieces?

Corporate and Community Teambuilding at Woodloch

Corporate Teambuilding is at the cornerstone of our off-site meeting business.  We understand the importance of creating and strengthening the bonds of your company.  Woodloch stands alone with its commitment to hospitality and service and will create the most successful off-site meeting experience for your company. 


As Woodloch aspires to be the leader in on-site team development programs as well as an eco-friendly, community focused company we realize the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility.  We also recognize that there is an opportunity to promote socially responsible programs through our offered teambuilding activities.  We encourage your company to ‘Give Back’ while you’re away for an off-site meeting and we have developed some outstanding programs to help you accomplish just that.  These brand-new activities have been created with community and environment in mind as well as achieving your teambuilding objective.



Building Blocks: Communication Skills, Strategizing, Group Problem Solving, Time/Organization Management.

CSR: Giving children and/or charities a day of positive reinforcement, fun and exercise.

Shout “Bombs away” as you attempt to destroy your opponents target with water balloons.  In this challenge your team will work to create a fully functional catapult out of predetermined supplies under a strict time limit.  Your team will also build a small castle to fly your team’s flag upon along with a shield and sword to protect your castle from the impending water explosion.  Now wind up and let the bombs fly as you attempt to take out other teams castles on your way to victory.  Invite a local school/charity to help in the festivities and see how the satisfaction of making someone else happy is reward enough… even if you don’t drench the other team.


Carnival for a Cause

Building Blocks: Communication Skills, Creative Development, Craftsmanship, and Teamwork.

CSR: Completed carnival packages will be donated to schools, churches or NFP organizations to be used for fund raising.

Put hammer to nail and start building!  Your group, divided into teams, will be putting their craftsmanship and creativity to the test by building different carnival games.  There is a wide variety of games and themes from which to choose.  Select your theme, then your games and start building.  At the end of the build, each game will be judged on creativity, carpentry and effort.  Then the option is yours, share your carnival immediately by hosting an event at Woodloch or enjoy the games for yourself.  Woodloch will then donate your company made carnival to an organization of your choice for charity use. We will donate the carnival games that you built to local fundraising organizations.


The Benevolent Bike Build

Building Blocks: Communication Skills, Creative Development, Problem Solving, Following Direction.

CSR: Once the bikes have been built they are donated to under privileged children in the community.

It’s a Woodloch Scavenger Hunt… with a higher purpose.  Follow the clues, solve the puzzles and gather your treasures as a team (tasks may vary in difficulty at the discretion of the planner).  Your buried treasure will consist of pieces to a bicycle(s) that the whole group must then assemble.  Once the bike is built, local children will come to Woodloch to receive the bikes (or Woodloch can deliver bikes to local schools/churches) so you can witness the difference that you are making in these children’s lives.


Going Green GPS

Building Blocks: Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Navigation Skills, Direction.

CSR: A new learning experience for children, continued benefits to the school with donated GPS, eco-awareness.

Try this geocaching adventure with a twist.  Companies will purchase “easy to navigate” GPS units in coordination with how many teams they wish to have.  The GPS device will then be programmed with different locations on the Woodloch property where each team will collect a variety of materials that need to be compiled.  Once together the teams realize the new task at hand, planting trees.  The goal is to incorporate community.  Each team will be paired up with a local school or charity group throughout the geocaching adventure.  The trees can then be planted on Woodloch property or donated elsewhere (such as the school or organization involved in the adventure).  The GPS units can be donated to the school or charity group, or remain with the company. 


Food for All

Building Blocks: Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Creative Development.

CSR: Event fee and/or money raised by the event will be donated to charity (or food bank) at the discretion of the company.

You and your team of cooks will attempt to make delicious desserts and appetizers in a certain amount of time and under strict parameters; are you a Top Chef?  Thankfully, for your sake, one of Woodloch’s talented chefs will guide you through the process.  You will then sample everyone else’s work and make your judgment under ultimate scrutiny of the Woodloch food critics.  Spice up your event and try to sell your goodies bake-sale-style.  Raise the most money for your charity and we’ll crown you champion.


Woodloch Community Olympics

Building Blocks: Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Navigation Skills, Direction.

CSR: Giving children and/or charities a day of positive reinforcement, fun and exercise.

Teamwork and cooperation are critical to this event. Work together and take advantage of the variety of talents within your group, for you are only as strong as your weakest link. In Woodloch’s Olympic Games, you can lead your “country” to Olympic gold! Choose from over 100 possible events to create a unique Olympic experience for your group.  Sponsor a local school or charity to come and join your team to compete for the medal and admire the faces you’ve put a big smile upon. 

Determination, Rigor & Resourcefulness

The following programs promote leadership skills, cooperation, strategy and tenacity needed to exceed in the work force. Each event takes up to two hours, are appropriate for all group sizes and are available all year round (weather permitting).


Spy Games… Want to know what it feels like to be a secret agent?

Woodloch’s Spy Games will take your team through six challenging events of espionage, intrigue and tact! Use your problem-solving skills to decode secret messages, intimidate your rivals at the casino, take out targets with your semiautomatic and disconnect a bomb to save Woodloch! Add a martini party at the conclusion of your event to really live the part (additional fees apply). “Shaken, not stirred," of course.


The Amazing Race…

This mentally challenging and physically rigorous event is not recommended for the faint of heart. This signature Woodloch event can be customized for your group.


Woodloch’s Amazing Race
Search our 135 acres as you battle other teams to reach each checkpoint
and complete a variety of challenging objectives.

Our New Lean/Green Amazing Race

Incorporates ecologically sound and environmentally educational objectives into our traditional race format.


Scavenger Hunt & Woodloch Olympics… There is no “I” in Team!

Teamwork and cooperation are critical to these events. Work together and take advantage of the variety of talents within your group. Work together and support one another, for you are only as strong as your weakest link.

Woodloch’s Scavenger Hunt
Your team works to find as many items on “our most wanted list” as
well as navigate to achieve the big bonus in a limited amount of time.
Solve the riddles, complete the puzzles and your team will be in the
running for the prize.

Woodloch’s Olympic Games
You can lead your “country” to Olympic gold! Choose from over 100
possible events to create a unique Olympic experience for your group.


The Millennium Challenge Course… Go Above and Beyond!

Foster pride in your cooperative efforts and a spirit of camaraderie! This outdoor event consists of various exercises divided into two sessions. Woodloch’s Millennium trained staff will be located at each of the stations to facilitate your group’s passage.

Team Woodloch Golf… Raise the Score!

Take advantage of our outstanding Woodloch Springs golf course with these Teambuilding events. Golf is not a sport… it’s a way of life! Learn life lessons from the unique challenges presented. Experience the expertise of our golf professionals as you work together as a team to conquer the course!


Woodloch’s Birdie Event
Take the challenge of a three-hole tournament using only three golf clubs
and three golf balls. You finish by displaying the score of your scramble on
a scoreboard in the Pro Shop.

Woodloch’s Eagle Event
Be prepared for nine holes of skill challenges. This round of wacky golf
will conclude with an awards ceremony.

Golf 411
A light atmosphere with a mix of instruction and laughs, this clinic is designed for your group to improve their game while still relaxing. Along with invaluable instruction, we’ll send you home with handouts to improve your game without the professionals at your side.

Professional Tune-Up
Shake out the off-season rust or just reacquaint yourself with the fundamentals of the swing. Take your game to the next level by getting back to basics with our course professionals.


Enrichment, Creativity & Spirit

These events are focused on group empowerment, the cultivation of creativity and stress reduction. All events are based on facilitation availability. We seek to fit your needs, so we welcome requests for other activities you might have in mind.


Survival Skills in the Wild

Learn how to survive in a worst-case scenario, or learn how to forage for fun. Allow our expert survivalist to show you how to find food, shelter and water in the wild. Replenish your pioneer spirit.

Naturalist Tours

Take advantage of the beautiful, educational and natural setting of Woodloch. Learn about our interesting biodiversity through presentations on our plants and wildlife. All tours will take place along our paved walkways through our nature trail and/or path around our lake. These tours are best for smaller groups, may vary with the seasons and are subject to availability.

Fishing Excursion

Explore the Zen of fishing. Our local expert angler will show you how to hook THE BIG ONE on our very own Lake Teedyuskung. (World class fishing, as well as fly fishing available nearby.) *Fishing licenses are required.


Enjoy a picturesque tour of our nature trail via our hayride! Take advantage of the seasonal offering of our extremely popular Haunted Hayride (October and November) and the Festival of Lights Tour (December).

Rhythmic Therapy

The stress and pitch of sound can be both relaxing and beneficial for teammate’s interpersonal development and your business. Learn the art of musical rhythm with our Drum Circle and realign your group’s synchronization. Have some laughs and breakdown inhibitions in your group’s own Improv Troop.

Drum Circle
Experience a new, unique and powerful way to harness your group’s creative energies. Expose your inner rhythm, relieve some pent up stress and relax to the drum beat.

Comedy Improvisation
This event is designed in the spirit of the hit television show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Improv is an excellent creative play for adults to identify strengths, enhance communication and develop listening & rhythm skills, all the while laughing and having fun.


The Inner Artist

The only way for an individual to reach optimal productivity is by using both the left and right side of the brain. Through Woodloch’s photography and drawing classes your group will be able to tap a little deeper into the right side of their brain.


Photography Class
Examine the art of photography and enhance your creative perspective.

Drawing Class
Everyone can draw. Get in touch with the artist inside of you.

Keeping Fit & Staying Healthy

No better place than Woodloch to make your team of sound, mind AND body. Physical fitness, nutrition, wellness, and weight management are all very important in keeping us all focused, productive and happy. Explore a unique and healthy meeting alternative.


Yoga/Office Stretch Class
Allow your stress and strain to melt away. Learn practical ways to take some time for yourself and practice active relaxation.

Awaken tired muscles with this low-impact cardiovascular workout.

Nutrition & Healthful Eating
Learn the importance of a balanced diet and portion control. Find out where all those vitamins and minerals are hiding out.

Safety Certifications
Want to have your whole team certified in CPR and know how to use an AED machine? Woodloch can take care of that for you, too. (CPR, AED, First Aid Universal)


Just For the Fun of It

Enjoy Exclusive Access to Signature Woodloch Events. Get a taste of why Woodloch guests come back year after year. Enhance your experience with a variety of our classical games and exclusive access to our traditional Woodloch events.


Game Shows

Woodloch offers a variety of indoor “game shows.” Choose from our signature variations of popular television shows, including favorites like: “Woodloch Family Feud," “Woodloch TV Game,” “Name that Tune” and “Woodloch Goes to the Movies.” Or check out our newest game show “Zingo.” We can customize any game for your group’s program. Our game shows are available year round and can suit any size group.


A great activity that focuses on good aim and quick reflexes! Using our 20-gauge shotguns, participants shoot at clay targets launched from a trap tower. Our staff is there to guide all participants and instruct new shooters. Each event is approximately one hour, can accommodate any size group and is available year round.

Indoor Rifle Range

Safety is at the forefront in our state-of-the-art indoor rifle range. Your group will enjoy exclusive access to this facility while you challenge the sharpshooters or choose to set up a tournament. Paintball is also an option in addition to standard target shooting.

Bumper Boats, Bumper Cars and Go Carts

These events are offered without the pressure of competition… just plain old-fashioned fun for everyone! Your group will enjoy exclusive access to these activities. The event time frame and group size are open. Bumper Cars and Go Carts are available year round (weather permitting.)


This game, combining the skill of volleyball with the speed of racquetball, is not suited for the slow of foot. Fill an action-packed hour with a minimum of eight players any time throughout the year. Facilitated by our own instructors and referees.

Natural Inspiration — Breaking Down the Walls (Small and Relaxing)*

Take advantage of our inspiring natural setting and our relaxing warm hospitality. Our small group get-togethers encourage you to break down the walls and take on new perspectives and fresh insight.

Boardroom Boat Ride

Let your ideas set sail. Our captain will cruise you around the tranquil waters of Lake Teedyuskung while your team navigates to new resolutions.

Home Away From Home

Simply put… the perfect setting for a small meeting. Allow us to bring the meeting to you in our spacious, fully furnished Guest Homes.

Meetings are a “Beach”

Kick off your shoes, wiggle your toes in the sand and lounge in your chair with a cool glass of iced tea or something a little stronger. In a setting such as this, creative thinking is sure to flow as easily as the breeze blowing off our pristine lake.

Drive Home Ideas

Unlimited range balls… unlimited ideas! Improve your swing, slice through the stale concepts, and let the new ideas fly.

Keep Your Business on Course

Enjoy the beautiful landscape and share your love of the game on 9-holes of our challenging golf course. A great opportunity for networking and sharing insight.**

Fireside Chat

The hearth has long been the location of warm regards and easy conversation. Let the relaxing sound of the crackling embers inspire the sharing of new ideas within your small group.


* Meeting size is limited, so be sure to ask your Group Sales Manager for more information.

 ** 9-hole golf rate applies and must adhere to foursome rules.


Season’s Greetings

The fun never ends at Woodloch with an array of snow-friendly activities. Bundle up and grab some Woodloch hot chocolate… just in case the weather outside is frightful.



Enjoy the winter landscape as you power along on a snowmobile! (All drivers must have a valid driver’s license).

Snow Tube Run

Experience exclusive access to our traditional snow-tube run, where you can take in the beauty of Lake Teedyuskung as you swoosh along. For our more adventurous groups, ride our new extreme snow tube run!

Ice Fishing

Enjoy the expertise of your very own guide as you fish in our pristine lake. Be sure to bundle up! This activity is size sensitive and weather dependent. Fishing licenses are required.

Ice Golf

Now you can play golf all year round. Experience our not-so-traditional ice golf set up specifically to meet the needs of your group. (Weather permitting)

No matter what your goals are for your team, we can and will make it happen -- That is the Woodloch Advantage.
What appeals to your team?