Real Life Woodloch Love Stories

Love is often in the air at Woodloch! With the many weddings that take place every year and the relationships that bloom every day, Woodloch is an oasis for love. Read here about real life couples and the special times they have shared together!





  A Lake Teddyuskung Proposal


This past Memorial Day weekend, Woodloch was proud to be a part of such a special event with a family who has been part of the Woodloch family for years. The heartwarming story below is a perfect example of what Woodloch means to so many people.  




"My brother Adam passed away in December 1998 from CML Leukemia. My family started vacationing up at Woodloch back in 1980. We would come up for a week in August but we would also come every winter and sometimes even in the Spring and fall. It was a Family Tradition. Every year my parents would ask us where we wanted to go for our summer vacation and me and my brother would always say Woodloch. I’m 33 years old and I’ve never been to Disney because me and Adam always insisted on Woodloch. Back in 1996 Adam started a tradition of coming up every Memorial day weekend with friends and family. We did it every year. After Adam passed away I decided to keep his tradition going and continued coming up every Memorial day weekend with family and friends, This became Adam’s weekend. My brother Adam is always with me and my family in our thoughts and hearts, but for that Weekend in May Adam is alive with us at his favorite place. I knew that Memorial Day weekend could be the only place I could ever propose to Josephine. With our family and friends there for Adams Weekend it was the perfect way, because I knew Adam was going to be a part of something this special. When I was out on the lake skiing for Adam, it felt very calm and peaceful. It was just me and him for those few minutes.


proposal 010.JPG


I felt like I had my big brother with me again and I was talking with him and telling him how excited I was that I am about to propose to Josephine, I’m in love with her. I knew Adam was proud and so happy for us. When Bobby drove up to the pontoon boat where our family and friends were waiting for me, as I sank in the water to swim over I said to Adam “This is it, I am ready I love you Adam, I know you are watching”. I knew Josephine had no idea what was about to happen, and when I got on the boat I went over to my mom who was holding the ring, I got down on one knee and asked Josephine if she will be my wife. We had a great celebration after that on the boat and through the entire weekend."


proposal 020.JPG


This story is a perfect example of the bond shared between Woodloch and its guests. We wish Eric and Josephine all the best in the future and hope to share many more memories with them!




 A Happy Birthday Proposal


 kara and connor.jpg


On June 21, 2012 Kara was getting ready to go to the Woodloch staff show with her friends and family, like she has done every Thursday night for the past 15 years. Little did she know, her night was about to become much more special then she could ever imagine.


 Connor, who has been accompanying Kara on her family vacation for a few years now, has known for quite some time that he would propose at Woodloch. Connor also knew he was going to propose to Kara before her 22nd birthday, which happened to be that very next day. Knowing Kara would love a public proposal, he figured there would be no better way than to propose to Kara on stage after the staff show in front of all her family and some close friends. With her birthday just hours away, it was the perfect way to disguise the proposal that was about to take place.


After the last song Kara and Connor were called up on stage where Kara was presented with a birthday cake and Connor was given the microphone. Kara claims she had no idea what was coming. She remembers Connor was acting a bit strange and fidgety during the staff show, getting up to go to the restroom numerous times, but she just thought he wasn’t feeling well. Even when she saw the small paper bag in his hands she convinced herself it was just a birthday gift. Connor then proceeded to tell his and Kara’s story to the audience while expressing his love for Kara. She still thought that this was just his way of wishing her a very public Happy Birthday. Then, Connor got down on one knee.


Besides the fact there were hundreds of people watching, Kara remembers it as if they were the only two people in the room! She was completely surprised and swept off her feet.


Kara said " I have grown up at Woodloch and I consider it to be a second home, so it truly was the perfect engagement with the perfect ring and the perfect guy."


Woodloch would like to Congratulate Kara and Connor once again and wish them the best of luck in the future!!




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