Meet Your Wedding Coordinators


No need for stress on your wedding day- our coordinators are here to help!

Cara Stokowski has been working at Woodloch Pines since the summer of 2008. Born and raised in Ludlow, MA, she earned a degree in Sports, Entertainment & Event Management from Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. “I first started here with the Social Staff then to Event Coordinating. Eventually, the Wedding Coordinator position opened up, and the rest is history. It was meant to be,” says Cara.


“A Destination Wedding offers brides, grooms and all guests a chance to savor the moment and really enjoy the total experience,” Stokowski continues. “Once you’ve arrived, there’s no need for the rush associated with traditional weddings.” Couples actually get the chance to talk with their guests before and after the wedding- there’s no immediate ushering from home to church to reception hall and back home again.  “Couples can do any of our activities on property- be it a private bonfire, zip lining, sailing on the lake- whatever they like before and after the ceremony. It’s nice to actually be able to bond with your guests instead of rushing all over the place.” No need for quick “hellos” and “goodbyes!”


Woodloch Personal Wedding Coordinators like Cara and Connie are with the bride and groom every step of the way for guidance and recommendations on menus, décor, DJs and more. “I get to know brides along the way- I start to sense what they would enjoy and offer them advice to alleviate some of their stress,” says Cara. “It’s very easy to become flustered with planning, and that’s simply not the right way to go about things. You should be enjoying the experience- learn to trust your coordinators, planners and vendors. The purpose of the day is to start off your life with the person you love most- it’s important to actually enjoy yourself!”


When asked of the most rewarding aspects of their jobs, both Cara and Connie agree: it’s about making dreams come true.  “Girls dream of their weddings all their lives. I’m here and able to make those dreams a reality. How many people can actually say that they have the same opportunity?” Cara’s got lots of stories. “I have done some crazy things (to keep brides happy) and at the end of the day I can’t help but smile and laugh.  I do it ALL for the bride.”