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bumper boats.jpgWith many different options and packages available to you, Woodloch is truly a unique vacation experience.  Regardless of the options you choose, your stay will include the Woodloch Experience Bracelet which provides access to the many daily planned activities, family-friendly evening entertainment, and a multitude of amenities.  With unequaled hospitality, you can expect an exceptional stay with memories created that will last a lifetime. 

  • With 3 room types available and many house sizes Woodloch has accommodations to fit any need. 

  • Dining at Woodloch is a unique experience. An all-American 3 meal plan, 2 meal plan, or non-traditional plan offers dining the options that’s right for your family.

  • Woodloch offers themed packages throughout the year as well as the traditional Woodloch Weekends and Midweeks. Plan your trip to Woodoch using our Special Packages and Events page.