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Project Description

Woodloch’s 2018 Theme Show

This year’s revue features brand new acts picked from Theme Nights that date all the way back to 1967. And just in case you might need a refresher (or are curious to see themes of the past)… here they are for your viewing pleasure!

Expect to see numbers featuring the classics like James Brown and The Andrew Sisters and the “new school” numbers by Bruno Mars and more.

Woodloch’s 2019 Theme Show

Cue Marky Mark and the Funky bunch, because for 2019, Woodloch is bringing “GOOD VIBRATIONS” and heading back to that magical decade with our Welcome to the 90’s” Theme Show. Be on the lookout for great R&B songs, the rise of country music, a salute to great television shows, a tribute to grunge rock, and of course, a battle of THE BOY BANDS.