JDRF "Dance-A-Thon"

Friday, May 1st | 8:00 PM - 1 AM



Everyone knows that there's nothing quite like a Woodloch Party... and this time, we're SUPERSIZING it!


In celebration of our JDRF "Carnival for a Cause" we will be hosting our first "Dance-A-Thon" to raise money for this great cause.  In this great test of partying endurance, can you keep rolling until the wee small hours of the morning? 


If you think you're up to task, download our Pledge Form and gain some support of friends, family and co-workers.  We'll be giving away prizes all night, including a special prize for most funds raised!


*To be awarded to the highest fund raisers who ALSO FINISH the Dance-A-Thon*

 $1,000 toward a future Woodloch Stay. (restricitions apply—may not be combined with any other discounts, special rates etc.)





PLUS you'll have the chance to win t-shirt, cups, and all the other Woodloch prizes you've dreamed of your entire life while playing special games during Dance-A-Thon!

Donation Instructions: 

Please download and print our Pledge Form. Sponsors can pledge a flat donation or pledge "by the hour"- the longer you dance, the more you'll raise!

Donations will be the particpants responsibility to collect and submit- this can be done by clicking the link below.

Thank you for your help... and don't forget your best dancing shoes!



jdrf help button.png


Thank you for your help!

If you would like to send a donation "the old fashioned way," make a check payable to "JDRF" and send it to:

JDRF c/o Joey Ranner

Woodloch Pines Inc.

731 Welcome Lake Road

Hawley, PA 18428