Woodloch Springs Golf Course



PAR 4::400 | 384 | 355 | 325

This tough starting hole requires a tee shot favoring the left side of the fairway. Fairway slopes left to right. Add one club for your uphill second shot to a long green. Staying below the hole will become a familiar term during your round.



PAR 4::380 | 346 | 336 | 293

Straight away Par 4. Fairway bunker on left comes into play with out of bounds across the road on left. Second green is one of the flattest on the course.



PAR 5::558 | 514 | 502 | 479

Welcome to one of the hardest holes on the golf course. This demanding Par 5 requires a lay up off the tee of approximately 190 yards from the black tees to the middle of the upper landing area. A well played second shot of 185 yards left of the wetlands and right of the cart path will set you up for your third shot to a two-tiered green that slopes from the left to the right (Par is a great score). This hole is CART PATH ONLY at all times!



PAR 3::167 | 149 | 143 | 131

A welcome relief, this short Par 3 has a deep, raised green that makes holding it difficult. Check pin position, club selection may change as many as three clubs.



PAR 4::316 | 311 | 287 | 277

This slight uphill dogleg right Par 4 has out of bounds left of the cart oath. Fairway slopes right to left. Fairway bunker on left may come into play. Check pin position, tow-tiered green requires leaving a second shot below the hole. Many players have putted off this green from above the pin.



PAR 4::408 | 386 | 374 | 332

Par 4 dogleg left demands tee shot left of fairway bunker. Small pond short left of the green may come into play for the long hitters. Take one less club for downhill second shot to one the firmest greens on the course.



PAR 5::499 | 492 | 439 | 359

This downhill Par 5 requires a tee shot right of the fairway bunker. Wetlands located 280 yards from the tee requires a lay up for the long hitters. Second shot should be played to landing area to set up short third shot to the angled green that slopes left to right. Try to avoid the left greenside bunker. Bighitters may reach the green in two, but must carry the ball over wetland short of the green.



PAR 3::162 | 150 | 141 | 116

Another short Par 3. Stay away from the deep greenside bunker short right. Generally plays club longer depending on the wind direction.



PAR 4::396 | 380 | 306 | 306

A long tee shot left of the fairway bunker to a generous fairway is a great start to this uphill Par 4. Extremely deep green will make club selection difficult for your second shot. Once again, stay below the hold if possible.



PAR 5::524 | 483 | 439 | 414

As with the Par 5's previously, a tee shot of approximately 200 yards right of the fairway bunker will leave you in perfect shape for your second shot. Fairway slopes right to left for your second shop, fairway bunker on your left will come into play. Uphill third shot may require one more club.



PAR 4::354 | 329 | 322 | 269

This dogleg left Par 4 demands a tee shot left of the fairway bunker on right side. Small pond located short left of green will come into play. Similar to #6, very firm green.



PAR 4::346 | 322 | 314 | 239

Straight away Par 4. Place tee shot left of fairway bunker. Uphill second shot to a severely sloped two-tiered green will put a premium on club selection. One again stay below the hole if possible.



PAR 4::357 | 331 | 326 | 285

Straight downhill Par 4 with woods on both sides requires accurate tee shot. Drop one club for downhill second shot to a relatively flat green.



PAR 4::577 | 507 | 501 | 424

Welcome to Woodloch's Signature Hole. This difficult Par 5 will test your every skill. From the gold tees a 220 yard carry over Hells Gates Gorge will leave you a long second shot (stay right). If you've managed to hit it far enough, a clear third shot to a green awaits. If not lay up third is the smart play.



PAR 3::160 | 145 | 134 | 84

Another Par 3 of medium length requires all call to avoid wetlands that surround this green. Green slope form back to front. Take enough club to carry the hazard.



PAR 4::386 | 348 | 341 | 245

Toughest Par 4 on the golf course. A long tee shot to a small fairway is required. Ideal position is left of the cart path. Second shot to an elevated four-tiered green puts a premium on club selection. Add one club for second shot. Two putts are no guarantee on this slick multi-level green. (Par is like a birdie!)



PAR 3::154 | 137 | 126 | 92

A welcome relief after the 16th. This short Par 3 is best played toward the opening in the front right of the green. One of the fastest greens if you are left and above the hole.



PAR 4::435 | 413 | 359 | 298

One more long tee shot is required to reach the fairway 220 yards over the ravine from the gold tees. Trees on left are lateral water hazard. Drop area located at the beginning of fairway. Uphill second shot to another two-tiered green requires at least one more club. As always, stay below the hole if possible.


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Woodloch's spectacular, 18-hole, championship, par-72 golf course winds its challenging way over 6,579 yards of fern-carpeted forests, lush wetlands and broad upland meadows. With four sets of tees on every hole, all levels of play can be accommodated. The outstanding signature 14th hole requires a dramatic 220-yard carry over "Hells Gate Gorge" which is carved from the rugged mountainside by rushing water some 200 feet below. Open since 1992, this breathtaking course has been given national recognition by both GOLF Magazine and Golf Digest as one of the finest courses in America as well as being noted as a "rare" find in Met Golfer Magazine. Click here to see a panoramic view of the 18th hole of one of the finest Pennsylvania golf courses.


Course Specifications
Architect Rocky Roquemore, 1992
Director of Golf John E. Pillar, Sr
Golf Course Superintendent Jeff Hugaboom
Par 72
Slope 139
Signature Hole 14

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