Winter Wonderland Vacation – A Guest’s Perspective

I had the most unforgettable time at Woodloch’s winter weekend getaway! The Pocono Mountains are absolutely stunning this time a year, and offers the perfect atmosphere for endless winter activities. Family Winter Olympics, Donut wars, snow tubing, and even an indoor waterslides – you name it! And do I even need to mention ice skating on our beautiful Lake Teedyuskung?

This was just what I needed – a refreshingly rejuvenating winter vacation. I left all my inhibitions behind during my stay at this secluded lakeside resort; I was a kid again! I laughed just as hard as the littles ones on the snow tubes! I found the snow tube hill to be unique in that it has this snow mound that somehow sling shots you back up the hill; it’s hard to imagine, you have to experience it for yourself!  The cool part is if Mother Nature doesn’t provide enough snow, Woodloch’s snow blowers will! They are always running when temperatures are under 32 degrees, so the slopes are always ideal! …And did I mention, there are TWO hills?? Not one, but TWO.

After you hit those slopes, you have to be sure to check out Woodloch’s newest feature – the duck pin bowling! The smaller size bowling balls and shorter lane lengths are perfectly suited for kids, and help the adults score more strikes and turkeys! The alley is located in an arcade for maximum entertainment.

The corkscrew water slide and splash zone were also a nice change up from the outdoor activities. I lost count how many times I swirled down the slide! It was addicting and once I had my fill in the splash area a quick dip in the hot tub was ultimately the cherry on the top.

Saving the best activity for last was the Family Winter Olympics. Every family that arrives at Woodloch seems to gather around on the athletic fields with determination in their eyes. The final goal is to flaunt a gold medal hanging around your neck! Families compete in multiply games such as the Olympic ball toss, a bean bag toss, a hockey-broom race, snow hill race, belly bumper race, etc. In the end, no matter if you were first or dead last everyone had a smile on their face!

Once I had seen for myself what Woodloch has to offer, I have admit: they really have it all! So long story short, I had such a blast and I know you will too! And don’t forget to try the hot cocoa (or cocktails)!