5 Meeting Trends for 2018 That You Don’t Want to Miss

Let’s face it. When most of us hear the term “business meeting,” it doesn’t exactly elicit excitement. It typically brings to mind stark conference rooms, bland food, and boring PowerPoint presentations. But we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way . . . there are some exciting meeting trends on the rise! Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

  1. The SHORT meeting – We’re talking 5 minutes … that’s right, 5 MINUTES PEOPLE! What could be better than that? In our fast paced, high-tech world, people have shorter-than-ever attention spans, which means it is more important than ever to get things accomplished quickly and efficiently. To make the most of the 5 minute meeting, be sure to schedule the meeting in advance so that people can come well prepared and only include those individuals who need to be there.
  1. The Meet & Greet – What better way to get your employees to attend a meeting than to have someone super interesting, engaging, and maybe even famous there? Having “celebrity” presenters are a surefire way to get attendees enthused and exhilarated, especially if they have the opportunity to speak with the big name face-to-face during or after the meeting.
  1. “Festivalization” – With the upsurge of festivals such as South by Southwest and TED, the meetings industry is seeing a rise in the multi-dimensional conference. It is not uncommon to see business meetings as a smaller part of a much broader, more engaging schematic related to music, arts, and culture. No explanation is needed as to why this is far more appealing than your run-of-the-mill meeting!
  1. Refreshing Breaks – These days, most people are keenly aware of the importance of taking breaks for mental health and wellness, and the meetings industry has capitalized upon this. The focus of meeting breaks is now trending towards stress relieving type activities such as yoga and meditation sessions, walks along the beach, painting classes, and mini massages.
  1. “Bleisure” – This term is pretty straightforward; it is a combination of the words “business” and “leisure.” With the rise of the number of hotels and resorts that also offer conference and meeting spaces, it is no wonder “Bleisure” is becoming quite popular. Business travelers can now enjoy a mini vacation when they go away for a meeting. Woodloch is the perfect example of this! Why not enjoy some go karting, swimming, and relaxing by the lake alongside your meetings?

We hope this list helps prove that meetings don’t have to elicit the sense of dread that they once did! Woodloch has an exciting array of meeting offerings, and all of our packages can be customized to perfectly fit your specific group. So what are you waiting for? Be a corporate trendsetter, and start planning your next meeting!