5 Reasons You Should Host Your Business Meetings at Hotels

Exclusively written for Woodloch by Jazz Blak

Meetings keep your team in sync and up to speed on the company’s progress. Truly effective meetings allow you to have fruitful conversations, share information, gather feedback from your team, and make important decisions together.

There are several factors that come into play in making meetings successful. In a Fast Company write-up, Vanessa Wasche suggests that ample preparation, providing specific details, setting an agenda, and staying on topic are important factors.

Who needs to initiate meetings?

Considering the impact of COVID-19 on companies’ operations—stalling in-person meetings and shifting communications online—business owners and leaders should take the lead in initiating meetings, and should now start planning for the return of face-to-face meetings. It’s key for building strong relationships and connections within a team.

In some cases, annual meetings may even be required by law for some types of businesses. Take S and C corporations for example, ZenBusiness highlights how these businesses are required to hold formal annual meetings—while other structures like sole proprietorships, LLCs, and partnerships are not. But regardless of whether you’re mandated to have meetings or not, putting in the effort of getting smartly dressed and showing up to a meeting shows your dedication and commitment to the work, motivating and building trust in your employees.

Why host your meetings at hotels?

To make all of that possible, you’ll need to be in an environment that’s conducive to these meetings. While you can easily choose to hold a meeting within your offices, you should consider hosting one in a hotel with top-notch amenities like Woodloch instead. You’ll find that it actually comes with a slew of benefits for you and for your team:

1. Meetings organized by the hotel

As a business leader, you will need to dedicate a good amount of time in making your presentation, reports, and other documents to share with the group. This gives you limited time to plan the logistics of the meeting itself.

With a hotel, however, you won’t have to worry about the logistics of your meeting. The staff can take care of setting up the seats, tables, equipment, and everything else you may need, so you can focus on the content of your presentation.

2. On-site catering

Whether you’re hosting an hour- or day-long meeting, it’s a good idea to serve food. In hotels, you’ll have a variety of quality food and beverage options. Holding meetings in a hotel gives you access to a professional culinary team, like the one at Woodloch that can accommodate any dietary needs.

Not only does food keep people happy, food also brings people together and creates camaraderie. Burchcom even suggests that eating with your employees allows you to get to know them better, in a more casual setting.

3. Different options of meeting rooms

Hotels have several options for meeting spaces. You can choose between rooms and halls of different sizes and features. This way, you won’t end up with a room that’s too big or too small, but one that’s just right.

When you book a meeting space, you can even consult with the hotel to discuss the best options to suit your team’s needs—some meeting rooms may even offer a soothing view of an outdoor landscape to encourage creativity!

4. Guestrooms are readily available

If you have people coming in from out of town, you may also need to book lodgings for them. When accommodations and meetings occur in the same place, you won’t have to worry about ferrying people from one place to the other. This is one of the greatest advantages of choosing a hotel for business meetings.

At Woodloch, we offer units that can sleep individuals or entire groups—we even have three-to-six bedroom units that can house entire teams.

5. Chance for social activities

While business meetings are mainly done for work, who says you can’t socialize with your team on your downtime? A hotel like ours could arrange team-building events, golf excursions, treks, and other fun activities to help you unwind.

It’s important that you and your team know that you can have a professional working relationship, as well as a friendly relationship outside of the confines of a conference room.

Hosting a business meeting in a hotel gives you the advantage of having a professional setting with a full-service staff, ensuring that your team gets a smooth and productive time! Learn more about our corporate offerings at Meetings at Woodloch.

Exclusively written woodloch.com for by Jazz Blak