6 Tips for Staying Healthy on Vacation

Staying on a fitness and diet plan is usually not the first thing that comes to mind when people think of going away. The consensus is that vacation is a time to relax on those diet and exercise rules that we impose upon ourselves on a regular basis. But we’re here to tell you that healthy living doesn’t have to be painful! There is always a time and a place to incorporate good-for-you foods and exercise . . . and sometimes that perfect time and place is vacation!

Busy household routines often make it hard to fit in exercise and prep healthy meals. One of the best parts of vacation is getting away from your typical hectic
schedule and having time for things that you usually don’t. We’ve compiled a list of tips to keep your family healthy and fit while you’re traveling:

1) WALK. The best, easiest and most obvious way to stay fit on vacation is to incorporate a lot of walking into your day. When you’re exploring a new city, landmark, or tourist attraction, skip the tour bus and do it on foot (or bike). These modes of transportation allow you to see new places as a local would. You can get up close and personal, venture on routes that vehicles cannot, and reap the benefits of enjoying some fresh air and being present in the moment.

2) The Internet is your best friend! Google is a great place to start researching the best walking tours, hikes, and nature trails in your new locale. Vacation provides the perfect opportunity to check out spaces and places that you wouldn’t get to in your everyday life.

3) Choose a “fit hotel.” Hotels know how much the health and wellness trend has grown, and they are paying attention to that. Many properties have replaced their small lackluster gyms with beautiful, well-equipped fitness centers.  Large hotel chains across the country have a diverse array of fitness programs where guests can rent workout clothes (sneakers included!), fitness equipment, and even upgrade to rooms that have the gear you need to stay in shape. Westin Hotels now have “RunWestin concierges” who plot out 3K and 5K running routes near their locations so that guests can just head out the door and on their way!

4) Try an authentic local workout. When traveling, it’s always nice to try local delicacies when it comes to cuisine. Why not apply this same logic to staying active? If you’re visiting a beautiful exotic beach, surfing lessons would be great exercise. Visiting a national park? Guided hikes are your obvious go-to. These are great opportunities to bond as a family that will never be forgotten!

5) The Wellness Trip. If you’re looking for a real shake-up from your routine, there’s always the option to take a wellness trip. A focus on the importance of both mental and physical health and wellness has been growing rapidly, and people want a destination that can deliver on this. Websites such as Yogascapes (for yoga retreats), REI Adventures (for outdoor getaways), and Trek Travel (for biking excursions) are great places to begin your research.

6) Make good dietary choices. Don’t forget the importance of food in the staying healthy equation! It’s easy to go overboard and indulge while on vacation. But just because you’re traveling, doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to go wild. Look at food the same way as exercise; this is the perfect time to try something new! Delicious fruits and vegetables abound in warm locales. Destinations with hot temperatures are a popular choice for travelers, and these same places are lucky enough to have year-round growing seasons. The mango you have in the Bahamas is guaranteed to be far more flavorful than the one that has to travel all the way to Pennsylvania. Eating healthy on vacation doesn’t have to be punishment; there are tons of delicious foods to try in new places that don’t break the calorie bank!

Make a commitment to incorporate some of these small creative changes into your weekly routine when you return home. You and your family will be well on your way to establishing healthy habits and active lifestyles while also creating great family memories and meaningful bonding experiences!