8 “Can’t Miss” Picks For Your First Woodloch Visit

~ shared by J. Ranner

My job can often be concurrently too easy and frustratingly difficult all at once.

On one hand, I find myself in the good fortune of being able to sell wonderful experiences to people- when you think about it, there really aren’t too many outlets in life where we happily surrender cash to someone. That’s not necessarily the case with Woodloch.

The real difficulty of my job is… where do I begin? How do I find a way to properly share Woodloch with someone who’s completely new to our resort and our way of doing things? If I were to list everything all at once, there’s very little doubt that I would overwhelm a prospective new customer.

So, we needed to find a way to share Woodloch in a digestible sort of way. I myself would have trouble narrowing things down to the essentials, so I thought I would reach out to our own guests for a little recruiting advice. Through their help and maybe a little bit of debate, we were able to assemble 8 CAN’T MISS PICKS FOR YOUR FIRST WOODLOCH VISIT.

Without further ado (again, I am a little too long winded with my approaches most of the time), here is our list, created by YOU, the Woodloch guests!

1. BREAKFAST. We’ll start at the beginning of the day, because why not? Though the argument has been made for all of Woodloch’s meals to be delicious, there is just something special about the way breakfast is at our resort. Early birds enjoy their morning coffee in our comfy lobby until the magical doors of the dining room open. There, they are greeted by costumed characters, our activities staff and of course, the Kiesendahl family. Awaiting guests at their table is our daily activity sheet, so friends and family can map out there day as orders are placed. Speaking of which- THE FOOD. Staples like bacon, sausage, home fries and eggs any way are cooked to perfection, but Woodloch traditions, especially our Scandinavian Pancakes and world-famous crumb cake are not to be missed. You’d never live it down if you did!

2. THAT LAKE. Teedyuskung, to be exact. Though we are swaddled in beautiful forest all around us, our resort simply wouldn’t have as much character as it does without our beloved lake! Whether you’re cooling off with waterfront activities in the summer months, or just enjoying the ambiance of a breathtaking winter sunset, there’s just something about Lake T that is something special. Water skiing, ice skating, boating, swimming, and even just grabbing a chair and lounging will provide you with everlasting memories, guaranteed.

3. “ONLY AT WOODLOCH” GAMES. We will be real with everyone for a moment. We know we are in a competitive industry. Resorts are bombarding potential customers with amenities like water parks, zip lining, ropes courses, skiing and so much more. We get it. We even do many of those things ourselves! But I can vouch for the fact that so many of the events and contests that we offer are NOT being offered anywhere else. And if they are, they aren’t being shared with our level of enthusiasm and fun. Our Family Olympics, Scavenger Hunts, Bakery Wars, Double Dare, Pool Games, Horse Races, Amazing Race, Music Trivia and more are all hosted with expertise and love that you’re not going to find anywhere else. Be sure to carve up some time to enjoy at least one of these events with our staff. Speaking of which…

4. OUR STAFF. It’s been said by guests and ownership alike since we hired our first employee- our staff is unlike any that you’ll find anywhere. I’ll go on the record and say that the people I have the pleasure of working with are the “X-FACTOR” in making what would be a good family vacation and making it an AMAZING family vacation. Through the years, I’ve made friends with truly great people- staff and guests alike. And that dynamic, that friendship, is something that a business can rarely offer their customers. We can, so we do! From the Front Desk clerks checking you in, to your bartender, servers and housekeepers, everyone is very much in the mode to treat each and every one of our guests as if they are guests in our own home.

5. THE SHOWS. Something new is ready to take up the limelight on our big Night Club stage every night. Magicians, comedians, jugglers, you name it– we always keep it fresh, because we’re mad hip like that, yo. Heck, we’ve even had appearances from acts that have gained acclaimed on shows like America’s Got Talent. However, two shows that are simply not to be missed during your first Woodloch visit are our Staff Show and our Broadway-style Theme Show. Our Theme Show has hit the big stage for the past 40 years- every year, with a new theme! Professional singers and dancers, accompanied by big lights and pyrotechnics, bring the bright lights of Broadway to our neck of the Poconos. Our Staff Show is a comedic showcase performed by members of our staff. It’s filled with laughs and is performed with pride and heart!

6. SEASONAL STAPLES. We have the distinct privilege of being able to experience all of the 4 seasons here at Woodloch. And with each one comes a distinct “personality,” if you will. Spring brings the excitement of rebirth and renewal to our resort, as flowers bud, animals come out of hibernation and our outdoor amenities like Zip-Lining open up once more! Summertime brings lazy days at the lake, barbecue cookouts, outdoor festivals and Fourth of July fireworks. The fall not only brings beautiful shades of red and yellow to our foliage but also Halloween festivities, including costume parties, trick or treating and spooky HAUNTED HAYRIDES. The winds of winter bring Santa Clause, our Yule Log Hunt and our heartwarming Festival of Lights wagon rides, followed by snow tubing and plenty of fun in our winter wonderland in January. Don’t miss out on any of these offerings!

7. PHOTO OPS. We like to think that the memories we provide you with will last forever on their own laurels, but just to be safe… be sure to have a few cameras with you! There are just too many great moments that happen during Woodloch stays for you to miss- whether it’s on your iPhone or on a beautiful professional camera, be sure to have something handy. While there are plenty of spaces to take those all-important family portraits (the lake is a justifiably awesome backdrop), perhaps the best photos are a little more sporadic in nature. Events like Double Dare and Family Olympics as well as amenities like our go carts and climbing wall offer plenty of great moments, just waiting to be snapped onto film.

8. THE “SEE YOU LATER.” Our guests have often told us if there’s one downfall to their stays, it’s that they eventually have to end. We’ve lost track over the years of all the complete strangers that left our resort becoming lifetime friends. We get that first time visitor that hopefully thinks to themselves, “I wish I found this place sooner. We need to do this every year.” So, we don’t really believe in “goodbyes.” There’s just “til next time.” When the cars are loaded up with luggage and bread orders, last-minute gift shop runs are made and it’s time to depart, we hope that everyone, whether it’s the conclusion of your first visit or 100th, truly feels at HOME here.