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~Shared by Tammy Compton

There’s a sign in Woodloch’s giftshop that never fails to make me smile. With its bold black lettering and stark white background, its words all but leap off the wood: “I can’t smile without you.”

Does that describe anyone in your life?

Lina and Maceo Nesmith Sr. of Pikesville, Maryland, recently celebrated 50 amazing years together at Woodloch Pines Resort. When asked about the secret to wedded longevity, Maceo’s reply is instant: “Communication and trust in God.”

“I give credit to the Good Lord for keeping us together. Communicating with Him and each other is key,” Maceo says.

They are every ounce in love as the day they first met. It’s evident in the way Maceo describes his beautiful bride – “real.”

Asked what he loves the most about the woman who shares his heart and life, he says that there are so many things. “She’s realistic in her personality. She’s not an imposter or phony person. She tends to be real.”

The two recently traveled to Woodloch Pines in the Poconos to celebrate half a century together. It was their son, Maceo, Jr., who suggested the Poconos location after coming across the resort’s website. Woodloch.com is filled with useful information, offering pictures and virtual tours of all the accommodations.

There is also a page dedicated to describing the numerous activities that the resort has to offer (as many as 30 scheduled daily). These range from bumper cars, miniature golf, a petting zoo and nature trail, to lake front activities such as sailboats, rowboats and paddleboats, all of which the Nesmiths found irresistable. A serene boat ride on Lake Teedyuskung’s blue waters was just the icing on the cake; making memories and marking 50 glorious years was priceless.

Maceo says he’s pleased that his son chose Woodloch. “I’m glad he did. We really had a great time. I wouldn’t have done anything different. I’m glad we chose it. We will be coming back again.”

The Nesmiths are blessed with three grown children, daughters Wanda Evette Story and Dedera Arnette Baker and son Maceo Jr., and five amazing grandchildren.