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~Shared by J. Ranner

In my decade of frontline service to our guests in the Social Staff, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing great feedback from many of our customers. The compliment that I certainly take most pride in goes something along the lines of “Wow. There are so many things to do here!” And I happen to agree.

I also hate generalizations. Numbers tend to speak louder to me, and I know that I’m not alone. My curiosity and undying thirst for knowledge led me to calculate exactly how many ways one would be able to spend a day at Woodloch in the summertime!  Dusting off one of my old Chicago Math textbooks and digging my abacus out of storage, I have complied all of that information into a simple yet overwhelmingly convincing reason for you to bring friends and family to visit us!



  • If you completely opted out of tournaments and simply visited open scheduled amenities (i.e. Go Carts, Climbing Wall, Zip Line), you would have at least 7,168 different possible ways to spend your day.
  • Combining all contests and tournaments, scheduled amenities, and all-day amenites (including pool complex, arts and crafts room, etc.) you would have a grand total of…

                           1,679,616 ways to spend your day!

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And this figure does
not include your options of relaxing by the lake with a good book, spending quality time with comrades in the Sports Bar, taking a scenic nature walk or bike ride, and various other activities- taking those into consideration brings the grand total
EVEN HIGHER. So the possibilities are not infinite… but MAN, they might as well be!

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To put everything into perspective, you would need over 4,600 years to experience each individual possible day. In theory, King Tut could have started his Woodloch vacation the day he was born and still have 1000 years to enjoy different and unique fun days at Woodloch. Safe to say that you may need more than one visit to enjoy all that Woodloch has to offer!
So the challenging math is all done- now your heart’s desire for a great getaway to the Poconos can be coupled with some very convincing statistics for your mind! Consider all of the numbers we have provided you and give
this number,
1.877.619.0937, a call today!