A Reflection on “Mom” from the Pocono Mountains

Woodloch Mother's Day

Mother Parker from a Christmas Story, always putting family first!

I’ll be honest… I began writing this article with an ulterior motive.  As we were tossing around content ideas for our next email, I brought up the fact that Mother’s Day is a wonderful weekend package but never really sells out or gets great demand.  I was hoping to subtly explain to you how Woodloch is a great destination to spend Mother’s Day, which it is of course.

My direction would have been to wax poetic about the spring awakening, bountiful buds building to burst open (or some other cliché alliteration), the red-bellied robin returning home to the Northern Pocono Mountains, and all the wonderful activities Woodloch has to offer to help you celebrate Mom!

But then I thought… I’d rather talk about mom.  Because it’s mid-February… and really, shouldn’t mom be celebrated every day?

My mother would always tell me “my life didn’t begin until I had you.”  I understand what she meant now that I have children of my own.  You’ve never known a love so deep, you’ve never felt responsibility so great, you’ve never felt a purpose so profound, and most likely you’ve never felt frustration so intense until you’ve had children, more so as a mother.  My mom, but as a representative for all moms, worked tirelessly on my behalf, nurtured and loved without caution, defended and protected me at all costs.  Moms do everything they can for their children, a mother’s love is like no other. Though, to go even a step further, not just for her children, but for her family.

Mom and Son at WoodlochIn the grand sense of humanity, your goal as a parent is to raise a child to be stronger and better than you, after all they are your legacy, and the legacy of those before you.  But in the same right, you want to work as hard as you possibly can to ensure your children are more comfortable than you ever were. There’s a balance, raising a child with independence and drive, but also to not want, nor feel pain (in whatever sense).  Enter, Mom.  Sure, it takes families of all shapes and sizes, and yes, the nature versus nurture argument is deep, but I think mom needs more credit.

I recall a touching speech, surprisingly enough it was my college commencement address, coincidentally on Mother’s Day.  While I couldn’t appreciate the value of the speech at the time, the words Phylicia Rashad spoke to honor our mothers that day have resonate with me today…

A Mother’s Heart

“A mother’s heart is brave. A mother’s heart is keenly intelligent. A mother’s heart is resourceful and quick and skilled in action. A mother’s heart is flexible. A mother’s heart is sustained and empowered by the purity of its intention—its soul intention—to see the family through. Yes. And to encourage each member of the family with its diverse, individual personalities. To embrace the family as a whole with love and respect. Unyielding in this effort, the mother’s heart sacrifices its own pleasure for the well-being of the family.”

For our mothers out there, your burden is greater than that of anyone else.  And we love you, not just for your unending sacrifice in all that you do, but for all that you are. It’s great that we have this one designated day to celebrate our mothers… but mom, you should be celebrated for being you.  Celebrated “just because.”  Celebrated, nay, honored, every day.

Thank you mom.  We love you mom.  Every day of the year.