A Perfect Pairing in the Pocono Mountains

Indulge all your senses while staying at Woodloch this harvest season.

When you visit The Lodge at Woodloch this autumn, you can look forward to experiencing great midweek activities that you won’t find anywhere else.

The AWAY Program** (Art, Wine, Adventure + You) offers wonderful opportunities to spend quality time with loved ones and friends.

During our wine tasting classes, listen to our resident sommelier speak about all different types of wine. From savory to sweet, every glass is a chance to try something new.

When studying wine and it’s components, there are a few elements needed to create the perfect pairing. Pairing wines can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be your own personal sommelier in no time.

It’s Wine O’Clock, Somewhere!

Always remember that food and wine must have complementary components, richness, and texture. It is important to note when pairing food with wine that texture plays a role. Lighter foods pair excellently with lighter wines, such as white varietals, while heavier foods are best with heavier wine such as dark reds.


Common pairings feature Champagne or sparkling white wines with salty foods. Pair Sauvignon Blanc with tart dressings and sauces. Pinot Grigio goes well with light fish dishes. While Chardonnay tastes delicious with fattier fish or fish served with rich sauces. Spicy foods complement a drier Riesling, and rich cheesy dishes pair well with a dry Rosé. Earthy flavors tend to match with Pinot Noirs. For juicy red meats, try a Cabernet Sauvignon, or enjoy a Malbec with some sweet and spicy barbecue.

If you’re looking for even more to do, try out our culinary courses, and put your newly acquired sommelier skills to use while learning how to prepare culinary masterpieces. You might also want to try our art classes that can accommodate any skill level or our wonderful adventure excursions that allow you to explore nature by zipline or just your own two feet!

Get away this autumn season, and experience the delectable delights of this award-winning, all-inclusive resort. Whether it’s with a loved one or a group of friends, you can’t go wrong choosing Woodloch Resort as your go-to getaway in the Pocono Mountains!

**When planning your trip to either Woodloch Pines Resort or The Lodge at Woodloch, please note that there are nominal fees associated with some of our additional activities. These include classes offered as part of the AWAY program.