“A Question after THE Question: Will You Join My Bridal Party?”

~shared by J. Ranner

No, it’s not a dream. Exhale and relax.

You have just been proposed to and you graciously, albeit excitedly, said YES. Your phone calls have been made, parents and friends are sharing hugs, kisses and tears of joy. Maybe you’ve even had a little celebration or two… congratulations on your engagement!

It’s a happy time, but WOW, are you suddenly exhausted. And before you know it, what started with your simply answer of YES has now become an entirely new set of questions. Such as:

  • Where are we going to hold this wedding?
  • How many people are going to be invited?
  • Band or DJ? Maybe a little bit of both?
  • What’s on the cake? What sort of filling and frosting?
  • Ring Bearer, or Ring Bear?
  • What’s our budget for all of this?
  • What? Where? When? Why? And WHO?

Let’s cast the nitty gritty stuff to the side for a moment- we’ll let “future us” hem and haw about the details as we go. Instead, let’s keep the positivity train a-moving and focus our energies on WHO we are going to invite to be in groomsmen or bridesmaids! A proposal in and of itself, for sure!

Hopefully, WHO will be in your party won’t be too much of a question in itself. We know who’s been there for us, who we truly want to be at our side as we take the biggest plunge of our lives. The real opportunity for fun here exists in HOW we ask these special people to be a part of our weddings. Here are just a few ideas Woodloch Weddings has seen!

Proposal Goodie Bags or Gift Boxes – Say it with SWAG. Think of all the great things that you enjoy with your closest friends and box them up with a personalized note asking them to join your side. It can include items they may need for the wedding, including socks, cuff links, jewelry etc. Items can also include candles, personalized wine glasses, picture frames, cigars, jewelry, snacks, mixtapes, you name it- cost is totally irrelevant if it is coming straight from the heart. It’s a warming way to let someone know you care!

Surprise them at an Event – Get your crew together in the same place, at the same time. This can be difficult considering everyone’s work schedule, so preface it by saying it’s sort of important to make it there. Wine tastings, spa days, sporting events (can almost GUARANTEE your friends will take free tickets), even movie nights or dinners create the perfect opportunity for you to toast your friends and let them know they are invited to be a part of your special day. Wait for the perfect moment, and ask your question.

A Special Delivery – Maybe everyone can’t get together all at once. We are a globetrotting society, after all! If this is the case, why not use the power of postage to do your bidding? You can mail a special invitation card in the mail, but why not have some true fun with it? For the low low price of $12, you can carve your message into a potato and send it out. In the scheme of wedding planning, it’s a cheap laugh but one that will certainly be memorable. For those a little more traditional, ship a bottle of wine or beer to your pals with a note inviting them to join your party, and to take a drink if they agree and send back video confirmation via text message. It makes for a neat compilation for the couple to share with their adoring public.

Speaking of videos… maybe you have a little flair for movie production. We’ve seen it before- brides and grooms editing awesome proposal videos together. They range from hilarious (Mission Impossible Spoofs and Disney Tributes) to sweet and sentimental. Either way, it makes for a really awesome keepsake that is sure to tug on the heartstrings of all.

Keeping it simple – There’s nothing wrong with just saying something from the soul in person. Chase your crew down one by one, or gather everyone all at once, and just say what’s in your heart. You don’t have to be good at speeches- your friends and family love you for what you are, and that’s why you want them by your side. Find a bar, living room, park, wherever you can have a good conversation and just say it, baby!

Wedding planning is a process that’s a lot of work, but also supposed to be fun! Don’t deny yourself the once in a lifetime opportunity to really seize the moment and include your bridal party on your journey. You’ll be glad that you did.

Good luck with your endeavors (though we all know… it’s a YES regardless.)