You never know where true love will find you.

Catherine Adams had been coming to Woodloch Pines ever since she was little girl but then again so had Chuck Gray. “We’ve been coming up here since we were two, both of us, but we never met before,” Catherine says.

Catherine’s family hailed from Lynbrook, New York; Chuck’s family was from Ridgewood, New Jersey. Catherine’s parents, John and Angela Adams, just loved Woodloch and so did Chuck’s parents, Charlie and Ginny Gray.

The two families returned year after year, but never the twain did meet, that is until August of 2005. She was 22-years-old, and he was 27. They were both hanging out in the sports bar when Catherine worked up the courage to ask him a question: Did he want to do a shot? Only three letters long, his answer was “yes.”

“We couldn’t stop talking from then on,” she says, laughing at the memory. “From then on, our families became friends.”

When their week-long Woodloch vacations drew to a close, the two headed home with their families, Catherine to Long Island and Chuck to New Jersey.

“We went on our first date the night we got home from our Woodloch vacation,” Catherine says. Busy finishing up her Master’s Degree in Childhood Education at Long Island University, CW Post, Catherine was only too happy to make time for her handsome beau.

“Because of the Woodloch connection, we were just welcomed into each others families right away,” she says.

Four months later, he invited her back to Woodloch for the New Year’s Eve celebration. They were both having a blast ushering in the New Year.

“After the ball dropped, we were on the dance floor, and he asked Patrick (Kiesendahl) for the microphone,” she says. She watched as he dropped to one knee and said the words she will never forget. “This was the place we first met. I love you. I want to marry you,” he said. “I cried,” Catherine remembers. “I almost fainted.” 

That was midnight, 2006. They were wed on August 18, 2007. “We got married the week after we met (that year) so no one would have to miss their regular August vacation,” she says.

In 2012, they are coming back to celebrate their fifth anniversary, accompanied by their two little ones, 2-year-old Colin and 10-month-old Lily. Catherine says they feel blessed. “It’s amazing. I’m so happy,” she says.

Her favorite part about Woodloch? “I think the family connection. It’s just wonderful. I want my children to grow up there and keep the family tradition.”

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