This past Saturday, Woodloch was fortunate enough to be part of a very special wedding proposal. Eric Ferreira and his family have vacationed at Woodloch for over 30 years. Sadly, 11 years ago Eric’s brother, Adam, passed away from leukemia. Each year, in memory of the love that both he and Adam shared for waterskiing at Woodloch, Eric makes an honorary lap on Woodloch’s Lake Teedyuskung.

poconos wedding

This year’s lap was extra special. With the help of the staff at Woodloch, Eric planned to propose to his fiancé, Josephine DiCosmo. While family member and owner, Bob Kiesendahl, and social staff member, Luis Tejada, commandeered the ski boat for Eric’s memorial lap, family member and co-owner, Steve Kiesendahl, drove another boat out onto the lake with 14 of Eric’s close friends, family members, and of course his fiancé.

poconos lake

After Eric completed his lap, he swam over to the other boat and prepared to pop the question to Josephine. Eric snuck the engagement ring from his mother, who was holding on to it for safe keeping, got down on one knee and asked Josephine, “Will you marry me?” She said yes!

woodloch wedding

There were celebratory cheers from all, including bystanders on the beach and others who were out on boats at the time and had seen what was happening. Steve came prepared with champagne, which he was hiding under a pile of towels on the boat. A celebratory toast proceeded, honoring both the couple’s engagement and the memory of Adam.

poconos wedding

The newly engaged couple and their families spent the remainder of the weekend celebrating here at Woodloch. We are honored to have been part of such a special occasion and look forward to sharing in more great Woodloch memories in the future with the happy couple!

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