Across the Miles: Keeping in Touch with Family and Friends

If time flies when you’re having fun, it hits the afterburners when you don’t think you’re having enough.”

-Jef Malet

Time is the one thing that we never seem to have enough of. Between work, school, community projects, extracurricular activities and every other curveball that life might throw our way, time is the one asset that we can never ever have enough of. True quality time with friends, family and the ones we love most in this world is at an even higher premium. Throw in the factor of distance, and things become that much more challenging.

The easy answer that we will provide you with is to visit US here at Woodloch. I could tell you that we’re an award winning family resort with great activities for all ages and tastes. I can tell you that you arrive, park your cars and let us do the rest with the time you’ve provided us. I can tell you that your decision is in the best of hands.

But I feel like I’ve alluded to that more than enough in my time here.

We here at Woodloch Resort are all about strengthening bonds between family and friends, whether we are part of the equation or not. It’s the guiding light that has brought us to our 60th year of business. So we feel inclined to share just a few tips with you on keeping in touch with family across the miles!

Schedule it. Before you even pick a medium to communicate – schedule it. Make sure it’s on your calendars, no matter how infrequently. Set some reminders just like you would a hair appointment or a doctor’s visit.

Old school traveling journal. It’s always more meaningful to get something handwritten. Pick a small soft cover journal and mail it back and forth with letters or drawings from little ones. The oldest members of your family will appreciate this tech-free approach.

Make a blog. Find the tech-savviest member of the family and employ them to set up a blog for your family. WordPress or Shutterfly offer free and private options specifically for this. All you need is a valid email address. While a Facebook group might be easier, consider that there may be, at times, a trend to
get off the service whether to save time, reduce stress, or just as the latest social media platform shifts to something new, but almost everyone will always have an email address.

Video messenger. When a simple phone call won’t do, let them see your face. Facebook’s Messenger, Whatsapp, or Skype are just a few options when it comes to video chat. You can even communicate with family living or traveling abroad.

Get competitive. Do you miss all the family banter? Try playing games together. While a Fantasy Football League or a few rounds of Words with Friends is a great start, don’t forget about digital versions of old favorites like Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, or Battleship. Teens and young adults may consider challenging family to an online game using their favorite gaming system.

Put it all together. Schedule a getaway. Hype it up, create matching tees, and plan far in advance to keep the conversation going and make sure there’s something for everyone. Pick a central location or one that’s easy to get to for the less traveled in your family. And don’t get discouraged if a few family
members can’t make it this time. Just continue to follow the above tips, and remember there’s always the next family gathering.