~Shared by J. Ranner

Sometimes I wonder where the past 20 years of my life has gone. It seems like just yesterday, my life was filled with running through the woods, playing freeze tag on the playground, and of course, pretending that I was a ninja turtle with my best friends. Ahh, to be young.  

kids vacation, corporate meetingsAside from running around from dawn to dusk and imagining that I was some kind of superhero, I will always remember fond times with Highlights for Children Magazine. Growing up, the publication was simply everywhere: school libraries, at the house, and even at dentist offices- any place where a child needed a quick release from reality. Any time I needed a quick fix of stories, games, or craft ideas, Highlights was always within my grasp! And the most impressive aspect of all this? This product of imagination and wonder was, and still is, produced in my own small hometown of Honesdale, PA, the next town over from Woodloch! It really IS a small world after all!

Since 1946, Highlights has been a prime force in nurturing young minds and encouraging creativity in children. 66 years and over 1 billion copies later, that tradition continues and has branched out to multiple publications for different age demographics, as well as a strong web presence.  The magazine has even crossed international boundaries and is now available in China!

On top of releasing material that has been strengthening minds, the organization has established The Highlights Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing writers and illustrators in the field of children’s and young adult literature. They offer a variety of workshops for guidance in novel work, picture books, magazine writing, and more. Their faculty is comprised of today’s best children’s book authors, illustrators, editors, and agents. A great opportunity for budding writers to expand their creative horizons lies just a short scamper down the road from one of America’s favorite family vacation destinations!

Like Woodloch, Highlights knows the value of spending time together as a family; both organizations offer the perfect opportunities to make great memories with your loved ones! When you read an article or complete a puzzle with your child, or bond with your kids on a paddleboat ride around Lake Teedyuskung, you’re not simply whiling away the hours. You’re capturing the moment, seizing a stitch in time. And no matter how “small” that second may be, in the end those are the ones that really matter.