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~Shared by Kathy Van Horn

Love is in the air at Woodloch, and there are many different ways to love someone. Who would think you could find true love at a family resort? Well it happens all the time at our beautiful resort, Woodloch Pines.

Take Chuck Gray whose parents have been bringing their family here since Chuck was a little boy. He met his wife Catherine while here on vacation. Catherine’s parents are also long time guests.  After five years of marriage and two beautiful children, both families still come the same time each year.  The funny part of this story is that during their week Catherine sits with her family at the main lodge for meals, and Chuck sits with his parents at the Inn.  I guess you’re wondering who gets the kids? 

Another love story is Lizzie Horn. No, she didn’t meet her husband Matt here. Since she was a little girl she dreamed of getting married here. Matt, her boyfriend at the time, decided that this would be the perfect place to propose to her (ask me about the ring some time).  After a few frantic days, Matt got the ring.  Lizzie said yes, and they started planning their wedding.  They did have the perfect Woodloch wedding filled with family, friends, fun and laughter. They now have a beautiful son.

We’ve had staff-to-staff weddings, we’ve had guest-to-guest weddings , and we’ve had staff-to-guest weddings. We have love for our co-workers. We are a tight knit group. When something good happens to our staff members and guests, we rejoice and celebrate their good fortune. When something bad happens, we mourn and look for ways to console them. From our being so close, relationships develop, even romantic ones. The other day a couple of staff members at the desk were counting how many marriages that we knew of that were tied to Woodloch.

Can you guess? Let me know on my blog, or stop by the desk and ask.

We also have other types of love here. Employees who love our guests. Guests who love our staff. Even first time guests can fall in love with our staff.

Take the Olsen family. First time guest Mrs. Olsen came to the desk to check in with Tess, our front desk manager. She explained to Tess that her five-year-old son had just gotten sick in the car.  Tess helped her with that situation and a few other things. Then Kate, Tess’s daughter who works in social, adored Ms. Olsen’s two children. Kate was with them at many activities, at one point she mentioned that her mother worked at the front desk. This made the bond between the Olsen’s, Tess, and Kate even stronger.  By the time the Olsen’s checked out, there were a round of hugs between everyone. There was also an exchange of emails, and the Olsen’s promised to be back soon.

Relationships are important whether they are romantic or platonic. They are what makes you smile when you get up in the morning. It’s the anticipation and enthusiasm of knowing you’re going on vacation, and you’re going to see people you know and love.

As some of you know, my family goes on vacation to Maine every year. We have developed relationships over the  years.  Every year we anticipate seening the Murphy’s.  Mr. Murphy is a Boston firefighter (not someone you would mess with).   He is also a big fan of the Red Sox,  we are not – go Yankees – so we have a friendly rivalry going. We don’t tell them what dates we are comming, so it’s always a suprise.  The first night we are there, we decorate their car or fence with Yankee memorabilia.  Then we anticipate seeing them the next day.  During the week we inevitably find something that has Boston Red Sox on our cottage door or car.  This is what makes vacations fun. The big hugs and the anticipation and knowing you have friends on your vacation.

I would love to hear any of your love stories!