Our Best Deals: Experiencing Woodloch “on the cheap!”

~shared by J. Ranner

The wise Samuel Johnson once said, “A man who both spends and saves money is the happiest man, because he has both enjoyments.” While it is nice to go and watch numbers slowly and steadily grow in the safety of a bank account, I think there’s some truth in spoiling yourself every once in a while to validate hard work.

One of the things that we DO have control over is specifically what kind of things we spend our extra dollars on. Sure, material goods can be cool for a little while. That big TV and state-of-the-art speakers will be the talk of the neighborhood if you host a legendary Super Bowl party. And if you’ve just gotta have that new Prada bag and *another* pair of heels… hey, understandable as well.

But perhaps, and maybe this is just the marketer in me talking, that maybe the best way to splurge extra cash is on memorable experiences… like vacations. Maybe sharing special times with each other will prove more valuable down the line for you than any

So with that being said, we’d like to meet everyone halfway and share our guide for the cheapest times of the year to enjoy the true Woodloch experience.


Ahh, transition time for the seasons! Catch a bit of snow tubing hitched up with other activities in the warming air, like go carting, archery and our “mini-Olympics” (all conditions permitting). Enjoy traditional favorites like Family Feud, Scavenger Hunt and great trivia games like Name That Tune. Plus, we’ve put together a dazzling new Theme Show as Woodloch celebrates “A Night at the Musicals.”

And best of all? There are big league savings on kids! In fact, kids 6 & under are absolutely FREE while kids 12-19 are half priced.


We’ll run a few specials during select midweeks all month long, but the best deal truly comes during our famous “Peter Cottontail Weekend.” Usher in the arrival of spring with egg hunts, lots of chocolate, and a special visit from The Easter Bunny himself. Bigger kids, teens and adults can get swept up in Spring Fever with some zip lining, Archery Tag, and trapshooting action.

So why is this weekend package so special? It is only one of 2 times per year that kids 12 & under can enjoy Woodloch in all of its splendor for FREE.

MOTHER’S DAY WEEKEND | May 12th – 14th, 2017  

Maybe you want to treat the woman that means the most to you to a lovely weekend. Or maybe you were a stinker of a child and need to make amends for the trials and ordeals you put onto your mother. Either way, a May weekend is just about the perfect way to send either message to Mommy dearest.

Plus, since we know how real the struggle of motherhood might be with some of you, we’re giving Mom and instant $100 savings for the weekend. That way, you might just have a few extra dollars to send her over to The Lodge at Woodloch for a massage or two… because it’s at least a start.

SCHOOL’S OUT MIDWEEK | JUNE 12th – 16th , 2017

We’ve made it through another year of projects, sports, and extracurricular activities, so take a deep breath… school is OUT! Reward the kiddies for a terrific report card (or at least trying) with a family escape to our resort, because we are on the absolute brink of summetime!

Our “traditional” rates are as low as they’re going to be through Labor Day, and the real “rush” is still a few weeks off… what better time to sneak in for a memorable visit? Catch special preview versions of our Woodloch marquee events, like carnival, Summer Olympics, and Cake Wars. Not to mention our beautiful lake beaming with life and boats, boats, BOATS!


This is it. The big stage. Prime time. Summer in the Pocono Mountains is simply a sight to behold! Our resort offers so many incredible games and events during this stretch, including Pool Games, Family Double Darewaterskiing, live outdoor concerts, late-night dance parties and just too much to name!

So one might ask, “where are the best savings during this coveted time frame?” They can be found by booking an escape in our Woodloch Springs vacation rentals!  Take a meal plan or opt for our non-traditional plans for further savings!


Have you always wanted to catch a “spooktacular” Woodloch weekend during the Halloween season? Do so at our lowest rates and catch the tail end of it all from November 3rd-5th!

We have our hair-raising Haunted Hayrides coming your way, as well as our “Boo-Lympics,” Halloween Wars and costume parties with parade. Prizes go out to our favorites, so dress to impress!

THANKSGIVING SAMPLER | November 20th – 22nd

Take a deep breath before what could possibly be a very stressful holiday season with some quality time with family at Woodloch. It might be a few days before “T-Day,” but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a smorgasbord of fun heading your way! Enjoy our Horse Races, Scavenger Hunt, Mini Olympics, Name That Tune and more!

Be thankful for your kids… because ages 12 and under are once again FREE.


There’s no sense in getting into fistfights at Walmart over that last flat screen TV. You know other deals will come along.

The REAL value during this day comes from one of America’s favorite family resorts (that’s US). While all of these upcoming deals will be revealed in due time, you need to be subscribed on our mailing list to receive this special offer! Sign up for it right here!

We will have deals closing out 2017 and all throughout 2018 coming your way that day… so be sure to not miss out on it!

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