all-inclusive summer family vacations

~shared by Joseph J. Ranner

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees… I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” 

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Maybe I’m just getting old and more sensitive to the seasons. But after the record setting winter we had this past year, I think I speak for the masses when I say blue skies, blossoming trees and rays of sunshine on our shoulders are a more than welcome sight! The smell of grills firing up, the hum of boat engines on lakes and the cheerful laughter of kids splashing around pools are slowly but surely ushering in the summer of 2015. 

The family and staff at Woodloch are looking forward to making this summer the best in our 57 year history.  While our guests can look forward to enjoying many of the traditional games, activities, food and entertainment that have become staples of their family vacations, we are very excited to share some BRAND NEW reasons to come visit us this summer! 

So… without further adieu…

1. An event 65 million years in the making… Hold on to your butts… and get ready for our all-new “JURASSIC LOCH” theme games at the lake. A tribute to one of our favorite movies of all time, we will be meeting aside the lake every Wednesday in the summer as we track raptors, scale fences, complete in-GEN scientific puzzles and even unleash our inner beast with a dino egg feast. Of course… we spared no expense! 


poconos family vacation

2. Our Rock N’ Roll Carnival. We’re not ashamed to admit it- we really LOVE music here. From playing “Name That Tune” to watching live bands during the summer, we just can’t get enough of it. That’s why we’re happy to say our brand new carnival (Mondays in the summer) is themed around all sorts of music! Showcase your Bonham-esque drumming, rock a mean air guitar, send the Beatles on a magical journey on their Yellow Submarine and profess your love for the musicals with Broadway trivia. It’s going to… rock. 

3. It’s alright to play with your food. It all started with a few cupcakes. Then we started modeling breakfast foods. We’ve evolved our kitchen based battles to take on some sugary sweets with our brand new “Dessert Wars.” Cookies, brownies, cream puffs, cannoli and more will be at your disposal- are you up to outfoxing and outcrafting the competition? 

4. Speaking of delicious things to eat… Woodloch is adding a few new dishes to our menu for this summer- as chosen by our Woodloch guests! We tabulated the votes a few weeks back for our “Foodie Weekend” and are adding Country Potato Soup, Shrimply Devine Pasta and Chocolate Mocha Mousse into the mix of selections offered for the summer. And there are a few other new options coming your way… but we’d like to surprise you with them!  

dining pocono vacations

5. Who DOESN’T want to be a millionaire? We’ve dug up some goodies from the days of TV past and resurrected the popular trivia game. Answer correctly, use your lifelines just right and maybe… just MAYBE… you might walk out of the game with a FREE Woodloch Weekend! And that’s our FINAL ANSWER. 

6. Woodloch’s Late Night Brain Teasers. Late night fun for teens and adults awaits with our spin on the game of QUELF (if I knew what that stood for… I’d tell you.) It’s a card game… and no matter what, you have to obey the card. Let’s leave it at that- it should make for some very interesting nights this summer!

7. Comedy… on the fly! We’re going to play it all by ear this summer as the great comic duo of Isaacs & Baker showcase their famous improv comic act. Family friendly, it’s a night in our Nightclub in which almost anything can happen! 

8. I have a story to tell you. Actually, I’ve got 6 of them! Join us out on the Front Lawn Wednesday in the summer for our brand new “Storybook Games.” Based on all of the childhood books that we know and love, the games will put a fun spin these tales, relay style! 


And that’s not all.

We’ve got so many brand new things happening this summer that we just couldn’t fit it all into one article!  Check out PART 2 RIGHT HERE!