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~shared by J. Ranner

I’m a sucker for a good power rock ballad. And I’m a sucker for Journey. So you can bet when the song “Faithfully” hit my eardrums last evening on my ride home, the music was cranked and I suddenly became Steve Perry (in my mind, at least.)

In my favorite line of the song, Perry belts out the line “I get the joy of rediscovering you.” Although being apart from what you love isn’t easy, it’s all that much better when you reunite with that someone (or something). 

Whether it is your first stay with us or you have lost count over years of loyal visits, we find the best way to keep our guests happy- and to raise the bar of our own excellence- is to constantly keep things fresh, new and exciting! After all, we would very much like to maintain our title of #1 Hotel for Families in America in 2016.

The summer of 2015 is no exception.

In addition to several highlighted events already shared in the first part of this blog, here are even MORE reasons why the summer of 2015 could possibly be the best summer in Woodloch’s 57 year history!


FRIGHT. NIGHT. Are you feeling brave? In the spirit of our beloved Haunted Hayrides, we’ve decided to host our first ever “Fright Nights” during Monday evenings in the summer. Except there are no wagons to protect you. Traverse our walk-thru Horror-ble trail, full of all sorts of scares… there’s a bonfire, acoustic guitar music and tailgate games at the other end. IF you make it through.

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Don’t forget to pack your lightsaber and sonic screwdriver. You’re going to need them in order to properly tackle our all-new “Sci-Fi Games” at our athletic field!  You’ll find yourself protecting the human race from the cyber threat of SkyNet, journeying through space and time in a big blue box and becoming one in the ways of the Force. Assemble a dream team and Monday mornings in the summertime! 

On with the show. Two of Woodloch’s most popular shows have been given an overhaul for 2015. Our Broadway-style theme show (Wednesdays and Satudays) salutes the most popular avenues and roads in the country as “Woodloch Travels Down the Streets of America.” Our comedic staff show (offered on Friday evenings starting in July) puts a lovingly revises our nation’s important moments as “Woodloch Rewrites History!” 

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And after the show, it’s the AFTER PARTY. In the spirit of continuing our theme show fun long after the final curtain, be sure to catch our late-night event in the North Lodge with our “Takin’ it to the Streets” party! Games, dancing, music, prizes and more await you!

I’ll take “SWORDS” for $400, Alex. Think you’re the brainiest bunch of them all? Put your money where your mouth is with our newest trivia game, JEOPARDY, adjusted and modified for big groups to all compete!

The Kan CAN. All of those days playing around on the quad between classes are about to pay off- Woodloch is going to be offering the beloved game of KAN JAM. We’ve used it before in our Olympics and our guests just can’t seem to get enough of it, so we’re going to be playing tournaments for the elusive Woodloch gold medal all summer long! Speaking of frisbees, there’s a new Woodloch game in town! Combining elements of “Ultimate Frisbee” and our tremendously popular “2-Base Kickball” games comes our brand new “FRISBEE BASEBALL” contest. Practice throwing, catching AND running so you’re ready to tackle this one during your summer stay!

“I volunteer as tribute.” Katniss Everdeen holds a very special place in our hearts! That’s why our brand new ARCHERY TAG contests are so much fun! Square off against the opposition with foam tipped arrows in a game that combines archery and dodgeball- may the odds be ever in your favor! 

A river runs through it. The Upper Delaware, to be precise! We’ve teamed up with the mountain men at Northeast Wilderness Experience to bring our guests a REAL taste of the great outdoors with kayak excursions down the Delaware River. Break free for a few hours and do some rolling… rolling… rolling on the river. 

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Splish. Splash. Maybe Mother Nature is being a little moody. Or perhaps you have been listening to R.E.M. and want to do a little “nightswimming.” Our newly remodeled indoor pool complex addresses all of those needs! After months of repair and remodeling, she’s back online and better than ever- come check it out! 

What’s old is NEW again. On top of all of the brand new events and games we are offering this year, all of our perennial favorites- Scavenger Hunt, Family Double Dare, Pool Games, Olympics, Amazing Race and more- have all been revamped and redesigned to bring more smiles and laughs to our guests for the summer. 

Our resort is ready. Our team is ready. The question is… are YOU ready for all of the adventure and good times that are to be had this year? We look forward to seeing all of your beautiful smiling faces in the coming weeks!