Canoeing in the Poconos During Autumn’s Peak

The Pocono Mountains possess three distinct paddling seasons, including spring’s thaw and summer’s swelter. However, paddling atop a placid lake that mirrors the colorful array of trees during autumn’s peak is an ethereal experience. Canoeing in the Poconos remains a favorite pastime for countless adventurous families, whether they reside in the city or the rolling mountains near Woodloch. Paddling is just one of the many autumnal offerings at America’s top-ranked family resort. Other mid-day pursuits include hayrides, pumpkin painting, ziplining, archery, and a bevy of Halloween-themed activities.

Canoeing in the Poconos: Setting the Scene

When the Poconos shed its “summer skin,” these peaks and valleys transform into a colorful palette that would make Bob Ross blush. And, while fall is often regarded as the season of romance, kids cannot resist the urge to dive into piles of leaves, photograph the foliage, and indulge in a variety of chocolatey, pumpkin-flavored beverages. Whilst canoeing in the Poconos, families can wholly immerse themselves in nature’s most beautiful state.

There are innumerable lakes, rivers, creeks, and ponds that dot the terrain near Woodloch’s Lake Teedyuskung, a private, 15-acre marvel hidden in Pike County’s most remote landscape. The birches, dogwoods, maples, and elms restyle their leaves in short order, much to the delight of nature enthusiasts and curious leaf-peepers of all ages. Canoeing in the Poconos is best suited for two lakes: the aforementioned Lake Teedyuskung and world-famous Lake Wallenpaupack, a 5,700-acre behemoth southwest of the resort.

Lake Teedyuskung

Photo of Serene Lake Teedyuskung, Home to Some of the Best Canoeing in the Poconos.Yes, Lake Teedyuskung is private, convenient, and calm. It’s a four-season delight that fosters fun of all kinds, including ice skating, water skiing, and, of course, canoeing. However, don’t overlook its tall, leafy friends that spire along nearly every shoreline acre. While the lake certainly isn’t devoid of wind gusts, much of the experience is tranquil. It’s in these moments that paddlers “snap” photos of the mirroring water, lanky trees, and bright skies. Paddlers often pack a light picnic to be enjoyed in the lake’s hearth. During summer’s radiance, Lake Teedyuskung is filled with shrieks of joy, jovial birdsong, and rumbling motorized echoes. In the fall, however, everything seems to come to a halt. And a new type of exhilaration is born—one that’s gained in the quietest moments, accented by the crisp air and the musky-sweet aromas of leaves.

Lake Wallenpaupack

Ten miles southwest of Woodloch lies the fifth largest body of water in Pennsylvania: Lake Wallenpaupack. With so much aquatic acreage available within a few paddle strokes, it’s easy to see why the lake is home to the best canoeing in the Poconos. Mangan Cove near Wilsonville is a convenient place to launch into the lake, which houses four uninhabited islands (most notably, Epply Island). Paddle out to Epply Island for a picnic before or after exploring Wallenpaupack’s northern shorelines. A lot of folks, young and old, lug their fishing equipment onto both Wallenpaupack and Teedyuskung as the area is known for its variety of bass, as well as walleye, pike, and muskies.

All-Inclusive Poconos Vacation Packages

Photo of 3 Trick or Treaters at Woodloch. Other Common Mid-day Activities include Canoeing in the Poconos.Combine an hour or two of paddling with a bevy of other homegrown, all-inclusive activities, many of which have become Woodloch favorites. Fill your days with scarecrow decorating, Halloween-themed bakery wars, rock climbing, trapshooting, and go-karting. Woodloch features several fall packages, including Spooktacular Weekends and Autumn Midweeks. And don’t forget about our money-saving specials, with discounts reaching 30 percent off. Woodloch has joined the Pocono Promise to “Resort Responsibly.” Our Woodloch Wellness Standard ensures that each guest remains safe, comfortable, and happy. Click our “Book Now” button to start planning your next fall getaway!

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