The Other Side of Woodloch Wedding Planning – Part 2

And we are back with another UPDATE!

Time is ticking and Cara and Nick have been doing a lot of thinking! And let me start by saying, they have made quite the progress for their wedding.

For those who maybe tuning in for the first time, welcome! This blog is about our Wedding Coordinator at Woodloch Resort. The reason for writing this blog is to inform you that she is celebrating her very OWN Woodloch Wedding! *Applaud* During each segment we interview Cara (and let’s hope Nick in the future!) about her wedding planning experience from the other side … now as the actual bride.

Over the past few months these love birds have been picking and choosing vendors, photographers, etc. And they are happy to announce they have completed this step. They are now booked and ready for the big day!

In this segment, the second segment, we sat down with Cara again and asked her more questions about wedding planning. She is beyond excited to share her experience with you!

So take it away Cara…and ACTION!

Questions during this segment:

1 – When is your wedding?

2 – Are you on track in terms of wedding planning?

3 – Are you using any of the recommended vendors on the Woodloch List?

4 – Do you feel confident in your Woodloch team will take care of your wedding?

Cara and Nick’s vendors for their wedding.  Click to view their websites!

UUU Band

Kindred Souls Photography

Frankie Carll Productions

House of Flowers

MCR Productions

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