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~Shared by J. Ranner

The robins are nesting, the trees are all budding, and the grass is green as can be. Indeed, the 2012 “Winter That Never Was” in Northeastern Pennsylvania has shifted into early Spring Fever! All of our guests have been enjoying our climbing wall, archery tag, and yes- even boat rides! Lake Teedyuskung, the beautiful body of water of which Woodloch shares its shores, is teeming with activity!resorts in pa, kids travel

Lake Teedyuskung has been an essential part of Woodloch Pines since we opened doors way back in 1958. The lake has about three miles of shoreline and has a maximum depth of about 20 feet. The water is clean as can be; it is fed through multiple springs.  It carries a brown tint due to the presence of tannic acid, which is a natural substance given off by the evergreen trees that populate the shoreline (this substance is also used to tan hides or stain wood!). The lake is rich in both beauty and history.

Most importantly, because the water is so pure, aquatic life around the lake is quite prolific! Many varieties of pan fish (perch, blue gills, sunfish), large mouth bass, catfish, walleye pike and pickerel all call Teedyuskung “home.” Dennis Neenan, our favorite bartender, has been fishing in the lake since the early 70’s. He once caught a large mouth bass that weighed about 11 pounds, which is MASSIVE for a bass. “I took measurements and released the fish. I release everything I catch. This lake is full of very healthy fish,” says Dennis.

Anglers looking for the best locations to bond with nature need to look no further than Woodloch’s very own fishing docks, located near some of the deepest waters of the lake.  If you will soon be joining us, grab a pole and your lures, and bask in the relaxing ambience of Lake Teedyuskung!