~shared by J. Ranner

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”
– Charles Bowden

Even as I sit right now trying to wrap up my work week, my mind is continually straying outside to a brilliant cornflower blue sky, warming beams of light casting shadows through the budding trees, and the squeals of giddy children (and possibly some adults) as they embark out on another day of fun and festivities here at Woodloch.

Gone are the days of cold and grey. Summer is coming. 

As we shed our sweaters for tee shirts and ditch the snow shovels for gardening equipment, so must we change here at Woodloch! Each and every season brings something new and fun to the table, and the summer of 2016 is shaping up to be one of our best yet. We have a whole list full of wonderful things heading to you this summer!

Without spoiling too much, here’s what you can look forward to seeing at our resort this season!

  1. Wood-Loch-Tober Fest – We’re not waiting until the fall to enjoy the fantastic experience of Oktoberfest! Join us Monday nights throughout the summer for live music, great German food, special draft beers (brewed right here in town!), crafts, games, dancing and more!
  2. Our Brand New TV Carnival – In perfect harmony with this year’s Broadway-style Theme Show, Woodloch Celebrates the Wonderful World of Television with midway-style carnival games all centered around our favorite television shows! All ages can enjoy mini-games of skill and chance in order to win the Woodloch prizes they’ve wanted all their lives (maybe this year, you’ll get that whoopie cushion we’ve seen you eyeing).mystery_machine.jpg
  3. Saturday Morning Cartoon Games – Speaking of television, perhaps you remember waking up early on weekends with a bowl of Lucky Charms and tuning in to see your favorite animated characters? Well, our Social Staff certainly does (being “cartoons” themselves) and this summer we thought it would be cool to magically reunite all of our guests with those shows in our brand new Lake Games. Word is that The Mystery Machine might even show up… ZOINKS!
  4. Donut Showdown. It’s “the circle of life” that all started with a little cupcake. We then upped our game with gingerbread, rice krispie treats, and even pumpkins for our Halloween Wars. This summer, we’re bringing you our “Donut Showdown”- the most ambitous “Bakery War” to hit Woodloch! Decorate your display and do your best to delight our judges…waterslide_splash_zone.jpg
  5. Start with a Splash – while warm weather means plenty of swimming in our beautiful lake and outdoor pool, we are happy to announce that we have a brand-new fully operational INDOOR waterslide and “splash zone” for your enjoyment! This means non-stop wet and wild fun night and day, 365 days a year!
  6. “The Cabin in the Woods”– By light, there’s nothing more beautiful than a summer’s day in the Pocono Mountains. By night… well, an evening in the dark forest can be an entirely different story. Our team of ghouls and goblins has a jump start on the Halloween season with our “Cabin in the Woods”– a walk through spooktacular maze for those of you brave enough to face it! Make it through, and you might just want to come back for our Haunted Hayrides in the fall!cabin_in_the_woods.jpg

…and you know what else? That’s not all! We’ve still got a bunch of surprises in store coming your way as they are announced in the coming weeks, so be ready for good news coming down the pike!

We’ve got our sunscreen, tank tops and Strawberry Daiquiris ready- we can’t wait for it all to begin!