~shared by J. Ranner

“Pop in my CD and let me run a rhyme- and put your car on cruise and lay back cause this is SUMMERTIME”

– The Fresh Prince

Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any better… they absolutely can. 

A few weeks back, we were happy to announce that we would have all sorts of new and exciting games and events for you this summer on your Pocono mountain vacation. Well, guess what? The list just got a bit longer!

We’ll get right into it!

  • Kitchen Pandemonium – “Don’t play with your food!” Yeah… for anyone that’s tried our Bakery Wars, you already know that rule doesn’t apply to us! Bring your culinary skills and expertise to the North Lodge and try out this new competition!
  • “Spirited Art” – Speaking of food, I just KNOW there are a lot of wine fans out there! This summer, adults can grab a glass and a paintbrush to create a masterpiece with our instructor.
  • Boat Regatta – We’ve decided to share our most popular corporate teambuilding activity with our guests this summer! Fashion yourself a sloop out of our finest cardboard and test her seaworthiness… a treasure trove of gold medals awaits the champions!
  • Game Night – Sometimes, it seems like we’re all too reliant on our phones for entertainment. Therefore, Woodloch is kicking it old-school with Sunday Game Night! Kiddies will play a collection of classics (with a Woodloch spin!) while adults (and adults ONLY!) retreat to play our newest creation: Cards Against WOODLOCH!
  • New Nightly Acts – We’re gonna mix it up for everyone a bit this year. We’re happy to welcome a few NEW acts to the Woodloch stage for summer 2016, including acclaimed hypnotists, jugglers and comedians! And for those aspiring to one day take the Nightclub stage themselves… take the first step in doing so with our Balloon Workshop!
  • Killer Classics – You know all of those great Woodloch vacation memories you made with games like Double Dare, Pool Games and Olympics? Good news… they are ALL back for 2016 with ALL NEW challenges awaiting you! We’d let you know exactly what we mean… but we think it’s much better if we leave it a SURPISE!

It’s inching closer and closer by the second… and we can hardly contain our excitement! We are looking forward to celebrating a year like no other here with all of our guests… and, as always, it will be a pleasure to share it with you!