Embrace the Outdoors: 10 Nature Activities for Kids

Children, not unlike adults, are complex beings. Each child’s personality is unique, like a snowflake. Much of our programming here at Woodloch Resort is geared toward family bonding, team-building, competition, and group collaboration, which suits social butterflies. However, we fully understand that some kids would rather meander through the wilderness and explore the region’s distinct flora rather than splash about with dozens of other giggling youngsters. It is only natural that we focus on Mother Earth in a time like this, as millions of Americans begin to rediscover the unique allure of this great land. To ensure that your next visit is nothing short of spectacular for the entire family, we’ve compiled 10 fun nature activities for kids (as seen below).

10 Fun Nature Activities for Kids

Some children naturally gravitate toward the outdoors. However, helping your child strike a balance between outdoor exploration and social interaction is vital. That’s why we simultaneously promote nature while also fostering healthy group interplay. These 10 on-site nature activities for kids are available nearly every day of the week:

  1. Guided nature hike: There’s nothing more soothing for the soul than meandering into the densely forested Pocono Mountains, with nothing but the soothing sounds of nature as your mid-summer playlist.
  2. Fishing: Throw a line into Lake Teedyuskung to snag a prized walleye or a feisty largemouth bass.
  3. Geocaching: Using the Geocaching app, let your kids explore the woodlands in search of hidden treasures. There are dozens of caches in the area.
  4. Birdwatching: Blue jays, cardinals, red-billed woodpeckers, and cedar waxwings frequent our sprawling 1,200-acre property.
  5. Nature scavenger hunt: After a couple hours of water skiing, swimming, and rowing, hide some fun prizes in the forest. Unlike most nature activities for kids, a scavenger hunt takes a lot of planning.
  6. Collect rocks: Each rock has a story. Thus, each shiny or jagged stone has potential to be a lasting keepsake.
  7. Photo of Three Deer (Two Children). Click the Photo to Find 10 Nature Activities for Kids.Insect hunting: Keep your eyes peeled for colorful butterflies, legions of ants, curious ladybugs, diligent bees, limber leafhoppers, and stoic dragonflies.
  8. Build a bonfire: Gather around Woodloch’s fire pit well before dusk to learn how to build a proper, well-constructed bonfire. There’s nothing more rewarding than roasting marshmallows above a fire that you helped build.
  9. Nature journaling: Many of us grew up loving to write. Why not take that passion and focus it on nature’s beauty? Making note of the five senses is always a rewarding challenge for adolescents.
  10. Photography: Capture the Poconos’ serene beauty without barely moving a muscle. Nature photography often harbors vital skills, such as patience, creativity, and attention to detail.

A Well-Deserved Poconos Family Getaway

Hopefully, these 10 nature activities for kids gives you a “taste” of what we can offer here at Woodloch, America’s top-rated family resort. All-inclusive family programming includes meals, lodging, and, of course, countless on-site activities, ranging from bumper boats to Summer Olympics. And, as one of the premier all-inclusive resorts in Pennsylvania, we saw a recent opportunity to add “Home Programming” to our repertoire. To learn more about a potential summertime escape into the Poconos, please visit us online at Woodloch.com.