“Musical Chairs” – Celebrating 30 Years of Entertainment in the Pocono Mountains

~shared by J. Ranner

Woodloch is about to say “goodbye” to one of their longest tenured assets.

No, JK isn’t retiring- we’re about to get some new chairs.

New chairs… oooo. It doesn’t really seem like a big deal, does it? I would argue that in most places, replacing furniture really isn’t. But we’re not at a typical place- we ARE at Woodloch. And every room, fixture and of course person has a story.

This is the iconic Heritage Club chair. We have used the same kind of style of chair since we opened our doors in 1987 and have stuck with them ever since. So before we part ways with these iconic thrones, let’s take a moment to stroll down memory lane with them.

1987 – Of course, the first Theme Show is hosted in our brand new Heritage Club! It was “Woodloch’s Salute to the 1950’s”- complete with Randy as “The Fonz.”

1991 – During our “European Vacation” Theme Show, “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables is performed during Operation Desert Storm- not a dry eye to be found among our guests.

1996 – As America hosts the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Woodloch pays tribute with a show of our own!

1999 – Y2K was all the rage this year while we geared up for a “Countdown to the Millennium.” On New Year’s Eve, Woodloch obtains their highest guest count EVER!

2001 – In times of difficulty, Staff Show finale is changed to “We Shall Be Free” by Garth Brooks, once again bringing bittersweet tears to many faces.

2008 – We celebrate our golden anniversary with our “50th Anniversary” show and celebration.

2013 – Our guests, staff and friends assemble in the Nightclub as Woodloch attempts to break a Guiness world record for hunger relief packages prepared.

2015 – After more than 40 years of entertaining guests, Randy Barnes takes his curtain call and final bow in Woodloch Theme Shows and the Staff Shows (no worries… he still makes appearances as “The Judge.”)

2016 – The Nightclub gets a new toy… a humongous 20 foot screen just in time to jazz up our show as “Woodloch Celebrates the Wonderful World of Television.”

Of course, as the great Frank Sinatra once said, “the best is yet to come.” While getting all nostalgic about these chairs parting with us has left us just a little misty eyed, we look to the horizons and know that all sorts of new great memories are looming on the horizon for all of us…

…so pull up a seat, and enjoy the ride.