Pocono Mountains, Traveling, FallWhat to Expect when Traveling this Fall

October brought little goblins and ghouls to Woodloch to celebrate all hallows eve! Now it’s November and we’re heading right into Holiday season. Cranberries, turkey, and mashed potatoes are on everyone’s mind as we get near Thanksgiving weekend.

Thanksgiving brings lots of away travelers to our neck of the woods. Whether you’re flying or driving to Woodloch Pines Resort we’ve got some amazing tips and tricks for you to use this harvest season.

If you’re heading to the Pocono Mountains this Fall, you might want to keep reading and learn about what to expect when traveling to Woodloch.

What to Pack?

If you’re planning on flying our way, make sure you have a travel tote packed with all the essentials items. First, find a great, lightweight tote to carry everything. Pack your laptop or tablet in there, most planes have wifi for you to use during the flight. Make sure you have essential toiletries in a smaller, durable case, and that they are easy to remove. A small wallet can also be helpful to have especially when traveling through airports.

Reading materials and a pencil pouch will help keep you busy during longer flights. Plus, skip the airport food and pack your own snacks, protein bars, and trail mix are healthier options than fast food. If you’re packing for the whole family, create portioned snack packs for everyone to enjoy, so you don’t have to bring the whole container.

Pocono Mountains, Traveling, Suitcase

Water bottle, phone and charger are must haves during your trip to woodloch. If it’s not readily available you might want to consider packing light outerwear such as a cardigan as planes can get quite chilly.

If you chose to drive to Woodloch, no worries! We have the best traveling tips for you as well. When packing, think about rolling your clothes up instead of folding them. It will take up less amount of space, which means you can bring more options. Try filling up a binder full of coloring pages, games, and other fun kid activities to keep the whole family entertained during the trip.

We know that traveling technology can die on you. Try screenshotting your travel directions and turn off location services, which will help your phone last longer and that way you won’t get lost when traveling to Woodloch Resort.

It’s also pretty chilly this time of the year, so make sure you and your loved ones are warm while traveling. Hats, jackets, gloves/mittens, and warm shoes are important to have. You never know when it will start snowing in the mountains and you’ll want to be prepared for any type of weather.

No matter where you are traveling or how you get here, we can wait to get to know you this Holiday season at Woodloch Resort. Your family is our family here at Woodloch this November we’re looking forward to getting to know all of our families, whether you’re traveling near or far.