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Let’s just say it folks, summer is so close we can almost see it! We’ve reached the end of May where the days are longer and the temperature is hotter! FINALLY! With that said, walking from one spot to another can become more of a walking sauna experience, turning a good hair day into a humid frizzy mess, for all who know what I’m talking about, you know exactly what I mean! On a hot day, even the littlest walk can feel like an all-out workout which is sure what it felt like when I was walking over to try out my skills on a Segway.

To sum up the emotion of a Segway “newb” like myself in a blockbuster hit, it would have felt just like the scene from the Titanic when Jack steps onto the very front of the ship and yells, “I’m the king of the world!!”  I’m sure if Jack rode a Segway on our trails here at Woodloch Resort chances are he probably would have said the same thing. The freedom that it provides you with is just totally awesome! Like everything here at Woodloch, after my Segway experience, I was officially convinced that what this resort has to offer is truly a unique experience!

With the patience of the always helpful staff here at Woodloch, after a very brief instructional video about ways to avoid a Segway ride gone totally wrong it was time to test it out. Just like riding a bike for the first time, I had hesitation on trusting a machine to get me from one point to another without falling off, but after time it came just as natural as walking.. Instantly two of my summer “beefs” were resolved, 1. I had to wear a helmet, which totally tamed the frizz I’d like to refer to as my hair, and 2. Left me with a b-e-a-utiful (good ole’ Jim Carry reference there) breeze made by yours truly and a Segway. 

After just a few short minutes of riding, I began to feel like the Segway was a part of me.  I felt free, independent and ultimately relaxed as I traversed the curves and hills of Woodloch’s lush Nature Trail. Like all good things though, the tour eventually came to an end (only after my tour guide wrestled the machine from my hands). On a personal level, I will say that it was an experience I will never forget and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Woodloch offers Segway Tours now through the fall, conditions permitting.



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