Extend Your Special Day: The “Before” and “After” of a Woodloch Wedding

~shared by J. Ranner

24 hours. Seems like a lot of time. In the grand scheme of things, it really isn’t.

You’re going to be told time and time again- there’s a lot of buildup to a wedding, and when the day finally arrives, it’s over in the blink of an eye. All of that planning, all of the fussing- it seems that as magical as the day can be (which we truly hope it is), there’s a certain sadness to it all coming to such an abrupt ending.

Which is exactly why a Woodloch Wedding, in particular, can be so different!

A Woodloch Wedding, whether it caters to a local audience or is a full-blown destination affair, is unique. All of the joy, memories, fun and laughs can be extended for hours and even days before and after your wedding is complete!


Woodloch is not only a beautiful venue for your wedding, but also essentially a gigantic playground for EVERYBODY to enjoy. Early arrival to a wedding- be it a few hours in the morning or even a day or two in advance, leaves the door open for all sorts of memorable experiences. Amenities like boating, archery, go carts, zip lining, volleyball and dozens of other activities for you to enjoy.

Weddings are often the first time friends and family of the bride and groom might meet- what better way to go and break the ice with everyone than with one of Woodloch’s acclaimed “teambuilding” activities? Big companies often send their employees away for corporate retreats, and our Social Staff has a whole menu of great events meant turn “strangers” into “friends you just haven’t met yet.” Almost all of the events we offer can be scaled down to work perfectly for you and your wedding crew.

Ladies and gentlemen will find a paradise of pampering at The Lodge at Woodloch. Haircuts and styling, manicures and pedicures, relaxing massages and everything in between are available so you’re not only looking your best but feeling incredible as you usher in the most important day of your life!


There’s the party, and then there’s the AFTER PARTY. More often than not, a couple of hours on the dancefloor simply isn’t enough for some of the more accomplished party animals out there.  Luckily, Woodloch features an incredible array of nightly entertainment, including comedians, jugglers, live music and of course, our famous Broadway-style Theme Show! Live dance music and karaoke is a staple in our North Lodge- you can even arrange private events if you so desire!

Or maybe… you might want to unwind just a little bit. Say no more. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a post-wedding bonfire at one of our vacation rental homes. Crack open some cold ones with the crew, or skewer up some marshmallows for toasting at your own private fire pit.

When your company awakens the next morning, a whole new day of possibilities is theirs for the taking! Gather up for a nice breakfast in one of our six dining rooms, then map out your day to be whatever you would like it to be! More than 30 activities are offered to resort guests, though we of course also offer private events like golf outings, trapshoot contests, Woodloch Feud, Bar Games and much much more!

A wedding is a wedding, but a Woodloch Wedding can be so much more! Our dedicated staff is more than willing to go the distance to not only help your special day go off without a hitch, but also the days and hours before and after it!