Woodloch: A Culinary Voyage Amid a Family Adventure

Culinary indulgence remains one of the most important aspects of a vacation, whether it’s in Venice, Italy, or Venice Beach, California. It’s a vacation, after all. While budgeting should play a role in every family adventure, it’s never been more critical to treat the kids (and your significant other) to a rich, semi-decadent delight from time to time. To many travelers’ surprise, Woodloch has quickly evolved into a culinary paradise for adults and children alike, thanks in large part to its crowd-pleasing cooking demonstrations, on-site restaurants, and hearty, family-style meals.

Photo of a Pumpkin Dessert at Woodloch, the Ultimate Family Adventure.

A Taste of Woodloch

Most adult travelers polled note that food plays an integral role whilst selecting a getaway destination, a simple fact that Woodloch takes very seriously. Thus, our skilled culinary team often crafts “A Taste of Woodloch”—recurring blog entries that provide a behind-the-scenes look at some of our favorite recipes. Over the months, we’ve curated a fall soup guide, a collection of pumpkin-spiced eats, and gameday dishes, as well as several recipes, including a berry breakfast smoothie bowl and pasta bolognese (to name a few). Collectively, these recipes provide a mouth-watering glimpse into our kitchen’s many seasonal creations.

Family Adventures and Culinary Surprises

Woodloch cleverly incorporates food into several homegrown activities, many of them cooking-related. The Bakery Wars—as well as loose spin-offs Cupcake Wars or Halloween Wars—encourage the entire family to put on their chef de cuisine hats for an afternoon. We also offer midweek cooking demonstrations, led by the always charismatic Activities Director Joey and skilled Chef Dave. Meanwhile, The Lodge at Woodloch hosts adult-oriented cooking demos and wine tastings. It’s also important to note that no two family adventures are alike at Woodloch, as we’re always coming up with new ways to dazzle the kiddos through the culinary arts. During the early stages of COVID-19, the marketing team created a couple of “home videos” for those who want to join the fun from afar: Pantry Wars and the Woodloch at Home Cooking Class.

Kids Eat Well at Woodloch

Photo of the Large Dining Area at Woodloch, the Ultimate Family Adventure.Woodloch is the largest employer in two counties (Wayne and Pike). So, as you can imagine, we have to feed thousands upon thousands of guests per year (approximately 50,000). This effort takes a small village of chefs, waiters, and general kitchen staff. And the dining experience at Woodloch has always played a critical role in the overall success of this award-winning family adventure resort. We have several restaurants to choose from, including Woodloch Springs’ Grille Room and TREE Restaurant at The Lodge at Woodloch. Most guests enroll in our all-inclusive meal plan, which includes three family-style meals daily. Some of the best eats in the Poconos are custom-made right here along Lake Teedyuskung!

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