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As a lifelong resident of the Pocono Mountains, I have to say that this has been one of the most bizarre winters that I can remember. It started off with a Halloween mini-blizzard which ushered in almost a foot of snow, followed by a solid two and a half months of . . . nothing. And I do mean nothing. I have always expected at least some powder on the grounds in January, but the grass is still remarkably green. 

Yet when you come to visit us here at Woodloch Pines, we find a way to bring winter, even if Mother Nature has other plans! During the few cold snaps we’ve had, we stockpiled mountains of snow for the situation. And every time temperatures permit, we make more.

Thankfully after New Years, we were able to have our first Winter Olympics by the lakefront. Events are new and unique as always. This year incorporates the use of “double-tubes,” fun with frisbees in our “Kan Jam” event, bowling in the snow, and cramming your entire team into one of our giant tubes! (Quite honestly, I’m rather envious that I am working these events while everybody around me is having an absolute blast!) As always, top teams are awarded the coveted Woodloch medals. And of course there’s always the consolation prize of hot chocolate by a warm fireplace. 

From the outside looking in, I can understand how some of our new guests may be a bit intimidated. The best advice I could give new friends is NOT to be bashful with these games. I have worked here for 14 years now and have NEVER seen anyone walk away without a smile, even if your team comes in dead last! The true “Spirit of the Woodloch Games” lies in the fact that we strengthen family bonds and meet new friends playing these crazy games, in both success and the occasional failure. Being open-minded and trying our games will bring out the best in everyone around you.

Like everything here at Woodloch, a blog article really does not do these games or the resort itself justice. This truly is a vacation, or rather an experience, that needs to be felt firsthand.