Small-Scale Family Reunions near New York City: Woodloch

As 2020 nears a close, it’s virtually impossible not to reflect on what a wacky unique year this was in Woodloch’s history. We’re so incredibly thankful for all of the support from frequent and new guests alike over the past six-plus months. While things may be operating a bit differently these days, Woodloch remains a beacon of light for families in desperate need of time away from the city. In light of recent events, many family reunions (among many other celebrations) have been placed on hold. Thankfully, Woodloch is a safe spacious option for those aiming to plan a small-scale family reunion near New York City.

7 Reasons to Plan a Family Reunion at Woodloch

Today, we’re going to provide seven unique reasons to plan your next “miniature” family reunion at Woodloch, the top-ranked family resort in the country, according to USA Today. Planning a family reunion near New York City is no small task, mainly because the market is saturated by so many overpriced destinations. However, if you’re willing to venture into the heart of Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, you’ll be met with an idyllic space that’s tailor-made for family gatherings. We’ve written about summertime family reunions before, but 2020 certainly feels different. Thus, we’ve pieced together seven motives to plan your next small-scale family gathering at Woodloch, a 1,200-acre paradise along Lake Teedyuskung’s serene shoreline.

1. Dozens of Programmed Activities

As you’ll notice on our sample activity sheet, your group will have the opportunity to partake in dozens of homegrown activities on a daily basis. From go-karting to nature walks and scenic boat rides, Woodloch’s got it. 

2. Delicious Catered Meals

Woodloch’s traditional, family-style dining service lives on (with proper social distancing measures). The culinary team can accommodate any dietary restriction. Guests will enjoy locally-sourced ingredients and tasty homemade items from our on-site bakery. Sample menu selections include jumbo crab cakes, prime rib, roast turkey, and pork medallions.

3. Spacious Overnight Accommodations

Our large vacation rentals are perfect for small-scale family reunions. These three-to-six bedroom units allow the entire family to sleep under one roof comfortably. Amenities include fireplaces, renovated kitchens, decks, luxury furnishings, and ample square footage.

4. Close Proximity to New York City

Woodloch is less than two hours away from the heart of Manhattan (approximately 100 miles). It’s a short, scenic drive the meanders through the spellbinding Pocono Mountains en route to our 1,200-acre slice of Pennsylvania paradise.

Photo of a Small-Scale Family Reunion near New York at Woodloch.5. There’s Ample Space for Social Distancing

With 1,200 acres of private property, including a 15-acre lake, all of your social distancing concerns will quickly be alleviated upon arrival. Through the Woodloch Wellness Standard, we’ve taken a vow to “Resort Responsibility.” Please read our statement carefully. Despite rigorous measures to help stop the spread of COVID-19, your small group will have access to nearly every integral aspect of the Woodloch experience.

6. Customized Packages and Specialized Services

No two family reunions near New York City are alike, particularly when you choose Woodloch. Make planning easier with this helpful guide! We can swiftly arrange event spaces, structured team-building events, staff-led contests, on-site golf excursions, and so much more with the help of our group sales department. 

7. Be a Part of History

The Kiesendahl family has been tied to this property since the late 1930s. You’re invited to be a part of Woodloch’s history as we celebrate 60-plus years of excellence and good, old-fashioned family fun!

What more could you ask for? Make memories that will last a lifetime this winter here at Woodloch. To plan a family reunion near New York City, please inquire online (or call us directly at 800-453-8263, option #2).

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