Planning a Family Staycation: Ideas for a Poconos Getaway

One of the best things about living in the information age is the ease with which we can mix work and play. Traditionally, the word staycation—a portmanteau of stay and vacation—basically means to take a few days off of work and school to explore your local landmarks and attractions. Well, it may be safe to say that in the last few months, many of us have done just about everything we can in our immediate surroundings. But what if you applied the concept of a staycation to your home away from home? Families have been coming to Woodloch Resort for decades. But now, instead of waiting for work to be over, you can simply take work with you! Below we’ll share a few family staycation ideas.

10 Family Staycation Ideas: Things to Do in the Poconos

Woodloch Resort offers much more than a spectacular Poconos getaway. In addition to our rustically luxurious accommodations, you’ll find a gamut of on and off-site activities to enjoy during your family retreat. From friendly competitions to solo adventures, there are so many things to do in the Poconos. It’s no wonder why Woodloch Resort is such an excellent place for a staycation. So without further ado, here are a few family staycation ideas to consider during a Poconos getaway:

  • Have a digital detox day. 
  • Work in your robe if you don’t have any video meetings.
  • Get a personal massage during your lunch break.
  • Find a fun book to breeze through. Nothing too serious or work-related.
  • Have a family talent show.
  • Ask your kids, “What did you learn today?” every night after supper.
  • Explore the many off-site amenities.
  • At least one spa day.
  • Make arts and crafts.
  • Make a scavenger hunt for the kids and go over their findings after work.
  • Check out #WoodlochAtHome activities– absolutely free to enjoy anytime from the comfort of home!

Poconos Family Resorts: Home is Where the Heart Is

A senior citizen and his grandson stand on the dock while they decide which bait to use for fishing on their Poconos getaway. Imagine completing your final task of the day and then heading out with your family for fun and games in the Poconos Mountains. Typically, you would likely spend your time picking kids up from various events, deciding what to make for dinner, or lounging around after a long day. But you’ll forget you were even working when the whistle blows in the Poconos! Now, you might want to ask the kids not to brag too much about all the fun they had while you were doing TPS reports, but we guarantee seeing the smiles on their faces after you close your laptop will make all their gloating worth it. Please visit us online for several other family staycation ideas and to learn more about Woodloch Resort.

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