“The Evolution of Family T-Shirts”

Family vacations are always fun to begin with. The suspense of waiting for the week to arrive, the excitement in packing your bags, and the enthusiasm expressed when the vacation finally starts is all part of that wonderful vacation experience. With everything planned out and everyone already having a great time, you think there’s nothing you can do to make vacation better, and then it hits you… T-SHIRTS!


Now that your family has decided to create an eye-catching t-shirt design that you will all wear throughout the vacation, the most difficult stage begins now – designing. As you can imagine, it probably isn’t the easiest task to design a t-shirt in thirty minutes that every single family member can agree on. Grandma and grandpa like the classic grey shirt with bold block lettering front and center in black, but mom and dad maybe want a more exciting design with graphics. But in the end, let’s say everyone agrees on a white shirt. Step one, check! Now what does it say…? Should it be our team name? What if it had our family name front and center? Should we add names and numbers on the back? After a long discussion, it’s settled: on the front is your last name with the name of the vacation location and the current year. “Jones Family Vacation, Woodloch 2018.”On the back, each shirt is customized with first names and numbers so everyone knows who’s who. There you have it, your masterpiece! The design is complete, you are ready to order and officially start your vacation…until you get to the final step in designing. What sizes and how many? Good luck!


T-Shirts represent who you are. Which is why the design process is such a crucial stage in customizing your matching shirts. Once your vacation begins and you show off your design, you start to become noticed as a family. It creates an atmosphere where other people can appreciate your design then motivate them to do something similar in the future. Not only are custom matching t-shirts a great way to be noticed, but it also helps locate your family easier in a crowd. Best of all, matching vacation t-shirts are a great keepsake to keep as memories from your time together.


Beginning in the summer of 2011, Woodloch held its first T-Shirt contest! Throughout the summer, guests have the opportunity to capture special moments of their families wearing their matching shirts, then post them on their Facebook, tagging Woodloch. After all submissions were reviewed, a staff voting session took place. Because of the extremely creative submissions, two designs were awarded a shadow-box and proudly displayed on the “Wall of Fun” in the North Lodge. Since 2011, we have added more than 12 eye-catching and creative t-shirt designs to Woodloch’s “Wall of Fun.”

If your design is selected, your t-shirt will be forever displayed in the North Lodge for all our guests to see, and even better, looking back over the years of all recent winners! If you think your design is worthy, snap some pictures of your family enjoying Woodloch in your matching shirts, post them on Facebook and be sure to tag Woodloch Resort! Once the summer concludes, the best design of the summer will be framed for years to come!

Summer 2018 Winners