Here at Woodloch, we always strive to make each and every guest’s experience a memorable one.  Our hope is that once we extend our warm hospitality to someone, he or she will want to come back again and again and enjoy everything Woodloch has to offer. 

In this past year, Woodloch was named one of the top 15 family resorts in the world by TripAdvisor in their Travelers’ Choice awards.  This award is based on the many reviews that travelers shared on TripAdvisor. 

We wanted to delve into this information and see exactly what our guests had to say about the resort.  So we went through the 200+ guest reviews on TripAdvisor dating back to 2005 and made note of the many things guests said about us.  All of the information gathered was explicitly stated on these reviews, and nothing is assumed or embellished in any way.  Enjoy!


Who is coming to Woodloch?

36.5% were returning guests

36.5% were first time guests


26.5% were families of two parents and three or less children

18% were a multi-generational party

17.5% were large groups (girlfriend getaways, wedding parties)

6% were couples visiting without kids

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What are they saying about Woodloch?

66.5% gave excellent activity, event, amenity, or entertainment reviews

59% praised Woodloch’s food

59% claimed excellent service and hospitality

0.5% claimed poor service

38.5% claimed the resort was clean or had good housekeeping service

3% had negative comments

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Would they return?

34.5% explicitly said they would return

29% explicitly recommended their trip to others

6.5% would not return

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Some common phrases used throughout the reviews include:

“Cruise on land”

“Home away from home”


“Great family getaway”

“Something for everyone”

“Always something to do”

“Family friendly”



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We hope you enjoy these little tidbits as much as we did.  If you have stayed with us before, we always welcome guest feedback.  If you haven’t been with us before, we encourage you give us a try!