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It’s that time again! Everything you always wondered about Woodloch will be answered, one letter at a time!


The bread that I had with dinner during my last stay was phenomenal.  From where exactly does Woodloch acquire its baked goods?

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-Ralph S., Commack NY

Woodloch does not buy our baked goods from any bakeries. We make all of our own! The Bakery is located on the lower level of The Inn. Cakes, pies, breads, cookies, and everything else that pleases the palette are baked all year long on premises. Looking to bring something special home for friends? You can place a bread order in our dining room, or stop over at the Country Store for freshly baked confections. Definitely worth the trip! :)


I have a taste for the extreme and adventure. I’d like to know what kind of activities you offer that will really get my adrenaline going!

-Katie K., Fire Island NY

If “extreme” is what you want, then extreme is what you will get! Woodloch’s new Eagle Eye Zipline offers riders a 600 foot descent at around 35 miles per hour, followed by a Tarzan Swing ride to the bottom! Waterskiing is offered seasonally; do your best to make it all the way around Lake Teedyuskung! Or, try your luck with our Trapshoot competition as you wield a 20 gauge shotgun and attempt to take out clay birdies! 


I will be a first time guest this spring, and my family and I absolutely LOVE nature! What kind of wildlife can we expect to see in a few weeks?

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-Allison T., Jackson, NJ

You picked a great time to join us, Allison! Springtime brings many of Pennsylvania’s wildlife out of hiding and into the spotlight. Squirrels, chipmunks, deer, geese, rabbits and eagles all call Woodloch “home.” And if you’re lucky, you might even get a glimpse of a Black Bear! 


My wife and I have 2 incredibly energetic children, but we’d like to be able to have a night out alone at your resort. How can you help make this happen?

Steve G., Hershey PA

We have a two-part solution for you, Steve. First of all, we will make sure your children are kept busy all day long- arts and crafts, kids games, bumper cars, the Woodloch Forest, snow tube runs and more will keep them satisfied AND burn off excess energy! Secondly, Woodloch offers a babysitting service so you and your spouse can spend the night away without the worry of your children being alone. Contact the main desk for reservations!


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