Woodloch’s NEW Coffee Shop is open for business!

~ shared by J. Ranner

I’m not writing this blog until I get my coffee. So just hold up for a few.




…aaaaannnd we’re good to go.

Americans just LOVE coffee. Every day, about 400 million cups are consumed in the US- that ends up equaling about 146 billion every year. And that’s just here- it turns out that just behind oil, it is the second most globally traded commodity. Outside of water, there is no more popular beverage on earth.

Understanding this insatiable human need, Woodloch is proud to be featuring a new addition to our property that combines delicious java with history, family and plenty of love.

Gigi’s is the newly opened coffee shop at Woodloch Resort. Nestled on “the front lawn” just outside our main lodge is a building that has stood at our resort almost since our inception in 1958. During the early years, Mary Kiesendahl’s mother, Grandma Mould, or “Gigi” as her grandchildren called her, lived in a small cottage right in the middle of the action.

As with all family members, Gigi was involved with helping out at the resort. She was always in our kitchen, helping with food preparation, including rolling our famous “Scandanavian Pancakes” each morning. “We’d go to visit her, and she’d always have special cookies for us while she enjoyed her tea,” says Bob Kiesendahl.   “I always felt her small, humble home was the most loving place at Woodloch.”

A bright and worldly woman, Elizabeth Mould was an avid reader and as a Daughter of the Revolution, true American patriot. She’d knit, crochet and ultimately was a seamstress for the resort in the early days, making uniforms for the staff and costumes for evening shows. An important influence to the Woodloch tradition, the building (which over the years has been a guest accommodation, beauty salon, security office and marketing office) has been lovingly renovated to capture the essence of who “Gigi” was as a person.

While all of our guests know that our house coffee urns are always filled to the brim in our lobby, Woodloch is now venturing into premium mocha beverage territory. Opening daily at 7 am for early risers, coffee lovers (and those who certainly might just join their ranks) can enjoy all sorts of deliciousness, including:

Lattes (hot & cold) // Cappuccino // Macchiato // Espresso // Chai Tea // Hot Tea // Hot Chocolate

Fresh Brewed Coffee // Iced Coffee // Cold Brew Coffee // Frozen Blended Espresso Beverages // Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Plus, delicious Woodloch fresh baked goodies like muffins, pastries, scones, biscotti, seasonal favorites and more to accent a delicious cup of joe, with fresh roasted beans provided from Black & Brass Coffee in Honesdale. Gigi’s will also provide a variety of fresh salads, sandwiches and more for a light afternoon lunch so you can get right back to all of the fun and adventure that awaits you during your Woodloch escape.

We’ll keep on roasting up a storm- come visit us during your next Woodloch stay!