It’s going to be a “MUSICAL MARCH” at Woodloch!

~ shared by Joseph J. Ranner

“Funny how a melody sounds like a memory…” – Eric Church

It’s true. Unless you’re somehow completely disconnected from the human spirit, I think everyone has a particular type of music they enjoy. Not just because the songs may get you up and dancing (though that’s certainly enjoyable),  but because certain songs seem to attach themselves to feelings or memories that seem to bubble back to the surface the moment you hit play.

Maybe you hear a little Lionel Richie and you’re immediately transported back to your wedding day, ruffled gowns and all. Shuffle up a bit of Johnny Cash and you’re remembering that great road trip with your best friends in the world. Pop in the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack and all of the sudden, you’re back to your summer vacation at one of America’s best family resorts. Me? I hear Dashboard Confessional on my long rides home, remember that I was at one point a love-sick teenager, and just start… feeling things. I’ll leave it at that. (I’m over you now, Jenny Beckman.)

We all have that connection, and that’s sort of the reason that I think music is so important to so many of us! Whether you’re into classical, country or hip hop, there’s truly something for everybody.

For everyone that’s visited our resort, it’s no secret that music is, in our humble opinion, instrumental to a great vacation (no pun intended). It’s such a big part of bringing generations of families together. You can find it at all of our big league games like Olympics, creating a down-home ambiance during our summer cookouts, alongside the bonfires on balmy summer nights, and of course featured in our favorite trivia games like “Name That Tune.” Let us not forget all of those great nights grooving to our jams in the North Lodge with our DJs.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’ve decided to dedicate a WHOLE MONTH of 2017 to several different types of music! We are excited to share a little bit about our “Musical March Weekends” with you today!


Once upon a time, a young man named Tim, who also coincidentally visited Woodloch EVERY year, dreamed of making music his life. Through hard work and perseverance, he did! In fact, Tim Kubart is now a GRAMMY winning children’s musician who is also featured on “Sunny Side Up” on Sprout. And he’s back to share his love and passion in an incredible show geared specifically for kids.

Catch several performances from “Tim & The Space Cadets” during this winter weekend, along with our indoor Festival and famous Winter Olympics!


Those of us that were there look back at them fondly; the 90’s was a truly memorable decade of movies, pop culture fads and of course, music! That’s why we are ready to relive this magical time, if only for a few days!

Get ready for our 90’s Dance Party (I’m requesting Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch), “Flashback Game,” and our “Woodloch-A-Palooza” festival in the nightclub with games, prizes, snacks and your favorite MTV music videos on all three of our HUGE screens!


Take a swig and do a jig- as they say in the old country… Erin go bragh! The bagpipes are a blowin’, the fiddles are a fiddlin’, and the Guiness is a flowin’- it’s time to celebrate. Everyone’s IRISH for this weekend as we come together for good food, good beer, good music and good times!

Parades, whiskey tasting, step-dancers and more await you! Plus, did we mention? Our brand new Theme Show is dedicated entirely to our favorite shows of the stage and big screen as Woodloch celebrates “A Night at the Musicals!” 


Did you ever hear a great song and wonder what inspired it? Well, wonder no more!

We are inviting the songwriting minds behind some of Nashville’s most popular country songs to our resort for a truly memorable weekend filled with plenty of southern-inspired fun! We’ve got live “storyteller” performances, Nashville Cake Wars, our BBQ Kitchen Showdown and more headed your way!

BONUS: are you an aspiring writer yourself? Enter our Woodloch Songwriting Competition for your chance at a FREE WOODLOCH WEEKEND- not to mention the opportunity of a song contract with Demolition Music Publishing, a TRUE Nashville publisher! We could have the next superstar in our mix!

So, regardless of what Nature has in store for us, the good times at Woodloch will be coming in like a lion… and out like a lion as well! We are totally jazzed about all of the exciting events coming down the pike and hope you are too!

Rock on, kiddies.