kubart summer

~Shared by J. Ranner

And so, I have finally caught my breath from the last update I shared with you on all of the great things that lie in store for our guests this summer.

And to quote one of my favorite movies, just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in. But another writing assignment- a “sequel,” so to speakmeans even more adventure and good times ahead for the summer of 2013. This is our second installment reporting changes in activities for the months ahead.

Our “Empire Strikes Back” it seems. Some pretty big revelations are about to be exposed on par with Darth confronting Luke, so if you’d like a spoiler free vacation I would stop reading now.

For everyone else, here are a few more new additions to your Woodloch summer vacation!

Toy Story– since my first summer here in 1995, each summer season has brought a delicious outdoor barbeque-style cookout offered each Monday afternoon. And every subsequent summer since then, it has been followed up by a family carnival. The themes have taken us to the wild west, to the tropical islands, and even to the far reaches of outer space. Every guest is given 10 game tickets to try their luck on games of skill and chance. Winning the carnival games gives you prize tickets to be redeemed on your Woodloch dream prizes, like keychains, coffee mugs, t-shirts and yes… even whoopee cushions.

This year, we’re going to be “toying” around with nostalgia! All of our carnival games will be based on your favorite childhood toys spanning from the 1950’s straight thru today. Patrons can expect the beautiful simplicity of jacks and slinkies and then move through the 80’s Pandora’s Box known as the Rubick’s Cube to the mind melting mayhem of “BOP IT” (which to this day, I can’t get past 3 steps on.)

Safe to say playtime is on!

We CAN Drive 55– It’s hard to believe 55 years have passed since a young Harry and Mary

 Kiesendahl followed their dreams and started Woodloch Pines. Since then, the small one room boarding house has expanded to over 135 acres as well as a golfing community and adjacent spa. It is an undeniable truth, however, that we would not be here without the support of all our guests and friends that we have been lucky enough to meet through the years.

family reunions, girlfriend getaway

So blessed are we that we have decided to continue our 55th Anniversary Celebration way past our annual “Anniversary Weekend” and keep the party rolling all summer long. 

Welcome to our special “55 Party.” All ages can expect a night full of great dance music and contests in which you can win one-of-a-kind Woodloch prizes. Bust a move in our dance off, show us how low you can go in our limbo, and get ready to dash with our live Scavenger Hunt simply known as “ONYA.” 

Get ready to share some smiles with us all season!

Strings Attatched– To me, there are 4 ingredients to a perfect summer’s day. The first is plenty of sunshine, followed by good friends and an ice cold beverage. But to me, everything falls apart if I’m too far removed from one of my greatest loves: MUSIC. Throw an acoustic guitar into the mix and I’ve achieved my own personal Nirvana.

For the first time ever, Woodloch will be featuring an acoustic guitar performer somewhere on property 4 times per week this summer. Venues will vary and include the Beachfront, our brand new firepit and recently renovated outdoor pool deck. For those looking to take a break from events like our Olympics and Amazing Race, this provides ideal conditions for prime relaxation. 

And if I wasn’t working, I’d be right there joining you.

Stay Tuned– We’ve reached the conclusion of our second view into the Summer of 2013 at Woodloch. And lo and behold, I STILL have more details to share with you! So check back soon for the exciting conclusion to this trilogy!