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And so we’ve reached the epic conclusion of our three-part series on all the great reasons you have to visit us this summer. If the first two articles weren’t enough to convince you that you need a Woodloch getaway this summer, as they say in the old country, “third time’s the charm.”

RECORD BREAKERS FIELD DAY- One of Woodloch’s oldest and proudest traditions is based on good ol’ fashioned competition. I see it in all of your eyes when you’re vying for a gold medal at our Scavenger Hunt and everywhere else. And to be quite frank, I’m somewhat scared to stand in anyone’s way.

So with that in mind, Woodloch will be presenting you with the chance to not only trump your family and friends but also every guest that walks through our doors this summer! Look for even more exciting details on this event coming soon… there’s some EPIC news that we can’t wait to share with you!

WOODLOCH’S GOT TALENT Are you an aspiring songbird or musician? Are family and friends floored by your improv stand up comedy shows at gatherings? Or can you juggle cricket bats blindfolded? Whatever your “talent” – no matter how unique it may be – now is your chance to shine. This summer, we invite you to showcase your skills in front of an audience of 500 or more spectators! Start rehearsals and shake off that stagefright. This could be the big break you’ve been waiting for!

WOODLOCH KID’S CLUB ROOM- Our Boomer’s Kids Club and activities keep expanding, and we needed some room to branch out! Starting this summer, many of our children’s activities will be hosted in our new Kid’s Club Room located just below our gymnasium and indoor playground. Events like arts & crafts, story hour and other various games now have a specially designated room!

A NIGHT AT THE COUNTRY FAIR- It’s a warm summer’s eve. You hear the sweet sound of an acoustic guitar and fiddle off in the distance singing along with the crickets. The delicious smell of funnel cake wafts through the soft night breeze. And in the company of your best friends, you meander throughout the midway without a care in the world. You’re at a good old-fashioned country fair; Americana at its finest!

This summer, Monday nights will feature Woodloch’s Country Fair. Enjoy all of those carnival  delicacies like candy apples, cotton candy and kettle corn. Bow to your partner and corners as we “dosey doe” to some great honkey tonk country music! And craft to your heart’s delight! 

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HANG TEN! (kind of) – Paddleboards are becoming more popular and will now be available to our guests this summer at Woodloch! Paddleboards strengthen and stretch the muscles in your arms, torso and legs.  Guests will have to be 13 and older to use them. This will be a great new way for you to explore the tranquil waters of Lake Teedyuskung. Meanwhile, enjoy our extended walking path wrapping around the lake side of our outdoor pool!

BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER- Our Social Department at Woodloch absolutely LOVES a challenge. That’s why our traditional guest favorite events like Olympics, Scavenger Hunt, Amazing Race and more will be given complete makeovers! So even if you think you’re ahead of the game- believe me when I say you’re not. We will challenge your minds and bodies and bring the fun level to unprecedented highs!

And so, with less than two months until Independece Day, may the countdown for the summer of 2013 commence! 

We simply cannot wait to share all of the fun, joy and laughter with you!