Woodloch Springs Course Guide: Hole 3

Hole number 3 is a 514 yard par 5. Don’t be fooled by the low yardage, this hole is our number one handicap. You’ll want to avoid driver off of the tee due to the fact that there is a 210 yard carry to the edge of the hazard. More experienced players can make an effort to aim at the blind area at the bottom of the gap which is an additional 50 yards. From the top of the fairway you can now use a wood or high iron to shoot the 140 yard gap on to the fairway across the ravine. Once on the other side, you will have to take your shot at a plateaued green that rolls back to front and is protected by 2 deep bunkers.

Although Woodloch Springs Country Club is a 6,500 yard golf course, which would be considered short by most standards. This course plays longer than it really is and this tricky par 5 is the first evidence of that.


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